Hydration Is Your Winter Hero

Hydration Is Your Winter Hero

Winter is coming. The oncoming combination of cold weather, low humidity, and artificial heating will surely be drying you out.

With little moisture in the air, it’s more important than ever to ensure your body, skin and even lashes get properly hydrated in order to avoid worsened appearances. Keeping everything hydrated should be one of your primary priorities for the winter months, as this will hold the foundation for a healthier, radiant you throughout the year. Dry skin can be caused by internal factors as well, specifically the aging process. The skin gets thinner and thus loses its ability to retain moisture as we age.

Here are some products we recommend to combat dryness. Make sure you position them front and centre on your vanity this winter and beyond so you remember to use them!

For your face

Making sure your face is properly hydrated is paramount if you want to have a healthy and fresh complexion in winter. Knowing that your face is much more exposed than your body, it needs extra care. The Serum included in our Body Boxes this June will deliver a hit of hydration to your face, our Body Box and Body Box Plus include the ByNature Serum, and our LUXE box includes Lemon & Beaker Serum, both infused with brightening Vitamin C and designed to energize tired skin and restore a fresher complexion.


For your eye area

Besides weather conditions, day-to-day struggles can contribute to dehydration—under-eyes included. When we are sick, not getting enough sleep, or under a lot of stress, we can also become very dehydrated, and the skin around the eye is one of the first places that show for it. So, having a good quality eye cream on hand is never a bad idea. Make sure you use creams specially targeted for the eyes though, as those that are not can make your eyes puffier or even irritated. We recommend the Platone Active Manuka Honey Eye Cream with Hyaluronic Acid & Rich Marula Oil (and found inside June subscription boxes). This hydrating, holy-grail eye cream revitalise skin, boost radiance and plump sallow under-eyes. It’s quick-absorbing too, especially if skin is extra thirsty.


For your body

For those with dry skin all over, you’ll need to intensify your routine to reap the hydrating benefits. After showering, immediately apply a body butter or lotion, preferably when skin is still damp. That way, you can lock in hydration and prevent that dry, tight feeling in your skin. One of the best body moisturisers on the market today is definitely Bees Brilliance Healing Hand & Body Lotion. This made in NZ lotion is pure gold. If you would like to sort winter hydration in one go then our Body Boxes are a great way to take care of your skin.  Design your own delivery box, choose a one off gift or subscribe here.


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