Skye-High Scrub And Sponge: How To Exfoliate Your Lips And Face This Summer

Skye-High Scrub And Sponge: How To Exfoliate Your Lips And Face This Summer

Exfoliating is very important in the summer as the skin is more prone to producing oil and sweat, which clogs up pores. Plus, according to founder of Skye Candle & Body Care Kash Harvey, 'tis the season where we wear a lot of dresses, thus exposing most of our skin to the elements and making us slather way too much sunscreen on, congesting our pores even more!

She says, "When we don’t exfoliate, our skin actually shows it. Exfoliating our skin creates healthy and glowing skin, counteracts wrinkles, maximises the products we are using, and more."

In our first monthly box of 2023, we've included not one, but TWO of Kash's eco-friendly creations — one for your lips and one for your whole face!

How To Exfoliate Your Lips

natural lip scrub

If you are like Kash, who often forgets to reapply lip balm, you probably need to exfoliate your lips as you may end up with flaky lips.

"I started making lip scrubs for personal use before commercialising it," says Kash.

"When you have very flaky lips, apply a lip balm and then, a lip scrub on top. Try to rub the products on your lips slowly.

"Keep repeating the process until you feel the flakiness is gone!".

How To Exfoliate Your Face During Summer

konjac sponge

During summer, it’s always best to exfoliate in the evening as just-scrubbed skin may be exposed to too much sun and can cause sensitivity.

One shouldn't exfoliate everyday too. After all, your skin already does some magic on its own. All you need to do is give it a gentle nudge every now and then.

But Kash has created a facial-nudge that's even gentler than ever! The Skye Candle And Body Care Face Konjac Sponge is made from its namesake Asian plant root and is not only biodegradable and sustainable but is natural and soft enough for twice a day, daily use!

"Yes, we shouldn’t exfoliate everyday but I really wanted something gentle enough for daily exfoliation that can also be used by people of any age," Kash shares. "My 5-year-old is addicted to these konjac sponges. She uses them to remove her face paintings. She believes using konjac sponges everyday will make her face super soft, which is true!

"You can use the konjac sponge twice daily, and I use mine in the morning without cleanser. At night, after double cleansing, I use the konjac sponge all over my face and neck before applying my serum and moisturiser.

"I throw them into the garden when the fibres start to break!"

Both of Kash's NZ made sustainable skincare sensations are included in ALL three tiers of MyTreat's January 2023 boxes. Get scrubbing today!

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