How Do You Mindfully Survive The Holidays?

How Do You Mindfully Survive The Holidays?

It's hard enough to eat right and exercise regularly throughout the year and then you have to add the holidays into the mix at the very end, with gatherings and all that delicious food plus alcohol. It's definitely not a recipe for fitness success!

Exercise and eating well become less of a priority as we get side-tracked by meeting family and friends as well as taking trips away from home. Though it's important to relax and remember you deserve to enjoy your time off, this doesn't mean you have to give up your health!

Here are 3 holiday health hacks:

Tip 1: Don’t be a slave, hosting everyone else

Make sure you do one thing each day for yourself! Whether that’s a morning walk, run, or something you love. A good trick is to make sure you do this first thing in the morning, ideally before everyone wakes up.

Tip 2: If you’re in charge of catering, make sure there are healthy options

Friends and family will likely arrive with armfuls of chips, dip and sinful treats. Bring some colour with platters that have cucumbers and carrots as well as chips and crackers.

Try making your own dip (stay tuned for some recipes) to avoid sugary and oily supermarket mixes. Of course, Christmas is about enjoyment and indulgence but it’s also about ensuring you come out the other side feeling rested — not exhausted and full of regret.

Tip 3: Get the whole family involved

If you are struggling to entertain the family, why not suggest a walk, hike or bike? There are heaps of easy walking tracks and cycling trails. If you can get out with your family to be active, they will thank you for it. But most importantly, you will thank yourself!

These tips on how to mindfully get through the holidays were brought to you by Amy Neilson Fitness.

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