How do we build our boxes?

How do we build our boxes?

MyTreat boxes are made well in advance. The process for identifying and approaching brands we want to include in the boxes, means that we can construct them around a theme and make sure the treats are well suited to the season. It means that for each box we make, we are choosing what to include and for both brands and subscribers this is creates a unique subscription box experience. 

Once we have a box theme (usually 12 months in advance), we dream up a wish list of brands and products we want to include. Then all year round we have people dedicated to finding high quality products. We know most of our subscribers love hearing about the brands inside and the people behind the businesses.

We have a few rules - is the product cruelty free? Is it natural? Is it made ethically? Is it effective? Does it provide good value to our subscribers? And of course we have an extra special soft spot for NZ made, and organic products. 

You wont find a whole lot of sample size products inside MyTreat boxes. With the theme in mind and our desire to make hardworking women around New Zealand feel utterly spoilt when their box arrives it is full size all the way. As MyTreat has grown our ability to squeeze even more value into each box has also grown and with this months box being chocca block full of hydration, exfoliation, skin nourishment and self-care moments there has never been a better time to subscribe. 

BUT ... if you are not ready to commit to a subscription, the one off boxes are an awesome place to start and a good way to sample the excitement of a MyTreat delivery. 

Subscribe & choose your payment frequency via the links below:

The Body Box $38.95 Per month

The Body Box Plus $48.95 per month

The Body Box LUXE $58.95

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