Holy Fig! Its Fig and Flora Sweet Dreams Room and Pillow Spray.

Holy Fig! Its Fig and Flora Sweet Dreams Room and Pillow Spray.

Hands up ladies if you sleep through the night?.......No-one? Yeah I didn't think so. Whether we put it down to kids, hormones, the full moon or your old Labrador dog who is incontinent and needs constant Laverty breaks in the night, a full nights sleep is far and few between. Let me have a few nights away in a lush hotel, with unlimited spa treatments, great wine and a super comfy bed and you might just have me sleeping through the night. For now though, with my busy life schedule I will happily take aid in the Fig and Flora Sweet Dreams Room and Pillow Spray.

Filled with lots of little pleasantries for the nose and soul, Fig and Flora sleep spray will help you feel relaxed and drifting away in no time. Its active ingredients which include Cedarwood, for relaxation, Lavender, to help ease anxieties, and Chamomile, which helps erase headaches naturally, combine their powers to create a beautiful and relaxing space for you to wind down in. A few sprays in your room and on your pillow is all you need to help your body relax and for your mind to switch off. Gently caressing you into a gentle slumber. Its a little bit magical.

 The creator of this marvelous aid is certified herbalist Debra. After having her own profound healing experiences using herbal medicines she started with the intention of helping others to incorporate the healing powers of herbs into their own self-care and wellness practices. Fig and Flora has grown from there. MyTreat has added this beautiful product to all of our boxes this month (happy dance) so everyone can feel the magic that is Fig and Flora Sweet Dreams Room and Pillow Spray. Sweet Dreams everyone.

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Hello. Can you please tell me where I can order the fig and flora sweet dreams spray from as the figandflora apothecary isn’t operation they said in an online chat I started to have with them tonight. I love the sweet dreams spray that came in my treat box and use it every night almost. Thanks fir yoyr help Wendy

Wendy Hazeldine

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