Hemp Connect and their homegrown Hemp Hearts!

Hemp Connect and their homegrown Hemp Hearts!

Hemp Connect was officially established in 2017 with the ambition to bring change to some of the systemic issues we as kiwis face, first and foremost the health of our people and planet. We now have the largest agricultural umbrella in the North Island and will continue to increase this capability as we enhance life across our nation and the world.

Hemp Connect is currently exploring dietary supplements, value-added foods, and nutraceuticals. The immense potential of this plant is being realised across the world and New Zealand is starting to pay attention. Hemp's potential for farmers, the environment and people's health creates a bright future for the industry. 

Hemp Connect has proudly been part of the pioneering in this new industry. Hemp was made illegal approximately 100 years ago, so has been a rewarding journey to re-educate customers about the exceptional health benefits of hemp for our bodies and the environment.

These tiny but mighty Hemp Hearts are packed with easily-absorbed protein, rich fatty acids and nutrients to power your brain and fuel your body.

Take a look at just SOME of the benefits...

-9 essential amino acids

-Optimal ratio of essential fatty acids 3 & 6 at the ideal ratio of 1:3

-Plant-based protein

-Highly digestible protein source

-Low in sugar

-Good source of Omega 6 and Omega 3

-Nourishes skin, hair and joints

-Versatile and delicious buttery-nut flavour

Only the BEST quality...

After harvest, whole hemp hearts are dehulled, and the best hearts are selected by weight and structure to deliver the finest quality hemp hearts.


Incredibly versatile, hemp hearts can be utilised to provide a plant protein hit in smoothies, curries or add straight into your pasta!

And luckily for our MyTreat subscribers you will find a pack of these beauties in this months box!! 


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