Half Priced Pants?

Half Priced Pants?

In November we received our first delivery of beautiful MyTreat branded underwear, with our manufacturer eagerly awaiting the first round of feedback, the GO button was pushed late last year on the order for more. This means we are going to be brightening up mail boxes all year with beautiful, soft, MyTreat branded underwear we know you will want to wear. 

After 2 years sending underwear to people all over New Zealand we have a fair idea of what you do and don't like. For the last few years we have worked with a handful of suppliers and while some knickers have been a real hit, we have struggled to always manage the quality, and sizes the way we wanted. By finding a manufacturer to make our own designs, we can ensure the underwear is ethical, beautiful, and the right size for our body shape. 

When setting out to develop our own brand we worked with more than 40 customers to get specific feedback for each size group. It was important for us to be able to cater to all sizes and offer the same beautiful fabrics, and flattering cuts. The road to our own brand has been a bumpy one and with the first few samples being delivered completely different to what we anticipated, we finally started to make progress in the middle of 2018. 

If you would like to sample our beautiful new underwear you can sign up to an Underwear Only Subscription and get 50% off your first order when you use the code HALFPRICEPANTS at check out. Order <<HERE>>.

Or check out our one off shop <<HERE>> to order yourself a pair (or two) without the ongoing commitment of a subscription. 

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They are the best. They don’t feel like you are wearing anything they are just great

Tanya Little

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