Guess Whats Coming In August??

Guess Whats Coming In August??

August is all about setting you up for some pre-Spring adventures. 

Whether life is full-on and you need quick and easy solutions for your everyday skin and self-care routine that encourage more time for rest, or, you need a break and want to just enjoy a bit of simplicity, this box has tools and treats you will love to use.

Featuring a new brand to our boxes - ZEKE Skin Care, with their oh-so refreshing approach to natural skincare, and some sleep inducing goodness for anyone who struggles to sleep all the way through (basically every woman I know, am I right?)...

Plus nourishing lotions, hydration for your lips and some more full size practical products you will love to use. We have packed this box with treats to help make your life easy, inspire your spring time recipes. 

Stay tuned, this is the first box in a while that has got such a wide variety of skin and self care treats and if you are looking for an opportunity to jump on board our value loaded August boxes are a great place to start.

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