Get to know Sophie from Ahhh

We have featured a few Ahhh products over the years, and they never fail to impress us with the imagination, incredible fragrance and love that has gone into each and every product. At MyTreat we are all about sourcing treats that make you feel good, and it's so cool to find some all natural products that can also provide eco-friendly alternatives to our everyday essentials, which is what Ahhh is all about.
This month we have included 3 different bath bombs to go in our Mental Health May Boxes which have just arrived in our warehouse and let me tell you, the moment I arrive to work I'm in heaven! There is nothing more therapeutic than a long, hot soak in a tub - especially with a bath bomb to make your skin feel wonderful and to fill the steam with a beautiful scent, to give you that "ahhh" feeling. My favourite form of selfcare is locking away the world and soaking in a bath until my skin wrinkles, especially after a big week. I know so many of our treaters feel the same, so I was so excited to ask Sophie about having her famous bath bombs in this months 'Mental Health May' Box.
 Sophie ahhh cosmetics
Sophie has had such an inspiring journey, and since her products have become a MyTreat regular, so we wanted to share her story with you!
Four years ago, Sophie had been working in the soap manufacturing business as a florist, selling her flowers with soaps and bombs. After 10 years of floristry and two years of working in the soap manufacture business, her love for the selfcare and creative aspects of the bath bombs and soaps blossomed. She explained that her love for selfcare fueled her passion, stating;
"the bath bombs were my escape at the end of stressful days and really helped me have some guilt free me time." 
ahhh bath bombs
She decided to take the leap and follow her passions, buying the business off her boss just before she went on maternity leave with her son Beau, ending up with a new business and new baby at the same time!
Now, Sophie is a mother of two, Beau who is now four and Nixon who is two and has been running Ahhh for 4 years.
As the business has grown, Sophie's passion for sustainability has also grown, so she has started to develop a range of solid haircare and moisturizers. 
"It's really important to me that we can still enjoy these little luxuries and guilt free me time without leaving lasting damage to the planet and also setting a great example for our children. We do this through using fragrances and ingredients that just make you feel good!"
We asked Sophie if she had any advice for our treaters and her message works so perfect for our Mental Health theme;
"You don't have to do everything yourself. Take time for yourself each day whether that's a bath or a walk or 30 mins reading a day. Whatever you enjoy! You'll be a better mum and partner for it."
ahhh products
Sophie's last message for you -
"I hope that everyone that uses Ahhh products gets that little moment of luxury we all deserve." 
We will be sending out the wonderful Ahhh bath bombs along with the rest of the Mental Health May Treats at the end of this month, so you can get your moment of luxury. You will receive either the 'Ocean Cruz', 'Manuka Honey' or 'Lavender Love' bomb. Each bath bomb is so unique and smells absolutely divine, we know you are going to want to run the bath as soon as your box arrives!  
ahhh bath bombs
Check out the Ahhh website to see the full range of wonderful handmade selfcare products Sophie has created!
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