Fox By Nature

Fox By Nature

In the theme of Self-love, this year we are celebrating the boss & brains behind the brands you love and uncovering their unique story.

Our first 'Behind the Brand' of 2021 is the incredible and gorgeous Maree Fox, the creator behind Fox By Nature who has supplied us with her magical Plumping Serum in this month's February Self-Love box. Fox By Nature specialize in two incredible products - Facial Plumping Serum and the Daily Facial Elixir. Both made with 100% naturally derived botanicals and actives.

Maree - "Mama of 2 beautiful, spirited girls ~ Dedicated student of Herbalism, Naturopathy & Aromatherapy ~ Yogi ~ Artist ~ Greenie ~ Health advocate ~ Skincare lover & leader ~ Past-life Interior Designer & Home-Stager ~ Eclectic muso ~ Companion of a tiny dog & a big, fat cat."
Maree dedicated her life to skincare after years of frustration, finding that most skincare brands claimed to be natural and made big promises, but were made with cheap ingredients and mass produced. Inspired by the book 'Ikigai' - the Japanese secret to a long and happy life; 'Finding your driving force - what gets you up in the morning' Maree took the plunge, and after being recently made redundant from her previous job she realized that sometimes "it takes lows to aim high". Following her love of natural living she wanted to create a simple skincare range that was ethical, small batch formulated, naturally derived, toxin free, cruelty free and made in NZ.
And so, after much love & care - Fox By Nature was released into the wild. Conscious, Concentrated & Compelling skincare for real NZ women with real results.

Q. What inspired you to start 'Fox By Nature'?
I am inspired by wanting to help people have beautiful skin. There are so many people out there with problem skin and I wanted to make a difference to their skin in a very simple way. I wanted to create high performing but kind skincare products that work in synergy with each other. It needed to be rejuvenating and anti-aging without all the fuss. The other important factor was it needed to be natural. To me, this means using ingredients that work with your skin not against it. None of the nasties, no fillers, nothing your skin doesn’t need. All of the good. A luxurious blend of high performance, naturally derived botanicals, oils and actives.
Q. What do you enjoy the most?
The thing I enjoy the most is creating and making. I’m in my happy place when I’m making potions and lotions.
 Q. Do you have any advice that you wish you were given, or that you would like to share with our subscribers?
My Advice - Less is best. Like most things in life, less is best. If you are using high-quality products you should only need a little. Just like makeup. Nothing looks better than clear beautiful skin.
 Q. Do you have any other messages?
My Message - Learn to love your skin, it’s the only one you get. ❤
 "Skincare that is kind to aging skin – working with it, not against it."
The wonderful Fox By Nature Plumping Serum is made with the most nourishing and hydrating active ingredients, to soothe tired skin after days in the sun in summer, and restore tight and flaky skin throughout winter. Massage gently into skin morning and evening, then notice how bright, clear, firm and smooth your skin becomes after just a short few weeks.

Fox By Nature's other specialty product is their Elixir Facial Oil, which is delicate and contains intensive oil's that soak into your skin and seal in all the goodness, with only pure, natural botanicals and actives. For radiant, glowing skin every day and includes:

Squalane Oil: Regenerative, intensely moisturising, prevents water loss, and increases hydration. Creates luminosity and vibrancy of the skin. Lessens the appearance of fine line and wrinkles and reduces skin redness. A powerful antioxidant boost.

Cacay Oil: An organic oil that comes from the seed of the cacay plant. Incredibly high in Vitamin E and Vitamin A. Skin firming, hydrating and nourishing. Cacay oil improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and improves skin regeneration. High potency Retinol helps to boost the amount of collagen your body makes – plumping your skin.

Kakadu Plum Oil: The ultimate Vitamin C booster, having the highest amount of vitamin C compared to any other fruit. Kakadu Plum oil stimulates the production of collagen. Reduces fine line, wrinkles and the appearance of scaring and hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C: An amazing antioxidant used to protect the skin, from free radicals and oxidation. Skin brightening and collagen-boosting – hello beautiful skin.

CoenzimeQ10: Reduces sun damage and evens out skin tone. Stimulates collagen and elastin production. Improves skin hydration and replenishes skin cells.

Use code TREATME10 on the Fox By Nature website for 10% off your first purchase.

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