Feedback that makes us cry... in a good way!

Feedback that makes us cry... in a good way!

We received this Facebook message last weekend and I just had to ask Vivienne if she was happy for us to share this little story, because it quite literally brought a tear to my eyes... weekly pay and fortnightly pay have certainly allowed more people to join in on the treat revolution and when we read messages like this it definitely reminds us why we offer this service! 

"Thank you for my December box. This was my final year at University, 5 years ago I started my degree, and 1 year ago I left my husband. The last year has been really challenging, aside from all of the heartache that goes with splitting a family in half, the level of pressure, the bills, and amount of responsibility on my shoulders seemed to have double. I used to get your boxes a couple of years ago but last year when I saw that you were offering weekly pay I signed back up.

I live in a small flat in Christchurch, I work a part time job around kids and study, and have a commission based sales job in my spare time. Between jiggling my household bills, school fees, and all the unexpected expenses life has, I have been able to maintain my $12 weekly payment for my monthly treat box. 

When it arrives, it is just like Christmas every month, and helps to make looking after my skin affordable. You guys are great to deal with, Chloe made me feel so much better when I called after embarrassingly missing my final December payment and despite how busy everyone was, your team managed to help me resolve the whole situation. 

Next year I have accepted a position working full time as a junior solicitor in a community law practice in Christchurch, and while the salary for a first year is not massive, it is still double what my family is used to surviving on. Thank you for reminding me to take care of myself so I can take care of my tribe, and thank you for making weekly pay an option so that I could afford to make time for myself. I would like to change my next payment to monthly so please go ahead and switch it to the 1st of Feb. I can't wait to get the natural January box and think what you do to make women feel good is very special. 

I enjoy reading the updates about your business and think you should all be very proud, from one working mum to another, we got this."

Vivienne - MyTreat Customer (Christchurch) 

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