Feedback on our surprise boxes.

Feedback on our surprise boxes.

Surprise boxes are have an extra special place in our heart, we have heard from many single mothers, and women who are missing out on surprises in their lives, who love these high value (cheap & cheerful) one off boxes. Born out of a phone-call from a customer who loved the idea of buying herself a box for her birthday from her children (single mum), and still getting an exciting surprise to look forward to, and then pamper her hard working self. We set out to create a box that had the bases covered...

  • Beautiful lotion for your face
  • Effective natural skincare
  • Exfoliation for your body
  • Organic essential oils
  • Innovative New Zealand products that have been a hit in previous boxes

For us, one off boxes provide an excellent way to introduce more women to our service. The cost to promote these boxes is low to nothing, and I pack them myself, so the margins for wages, and advertising are not there. Plus the quantities we send means we can make sure there is a good mix of products to surprise and delight at a price that is really reasonable. 

While 53% of our one off shop purchases are from our existing subscriber base, the other 47% is from new users. We love being able to offer our customers an exciting and affordable gift option for their friends and family, and we also enjoy the opportunity to exceed expectations for the new users to our service. 

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Our monthly subscription boxes remain an absolute priority, the ongoing nature of these subscriptions means we can get really great products for our customers, and ensure a good mix and variety of brands. It also means we can be assured of ordering quantities, and plan ahead. The one off shop is a little more unpredictable, sometimes boxes sell out overnight, and some take a few weeks to move. One thing is for sure though, the demand for these surprise and lucky dip boxes remains high, and we think that could be down to word of mouth! 

In a recent customer survey to recipients of our one off mystery boxes, 38% thought the overall experience with our service and boxes was excellent, 44% said it was above average, and 18% thought it was good. As for value for money, 37% said they were extremely happy and their expectations were exceeded, while 57% of people had their expectations met and were 'happy customers'. We also asked about some key words that relate to the boxes, and the results are below. 

So what are our customers saying about the Lucky Dip & Sample Surprise Boxes?

"Hi, the only comment would be that the first box was a bit slower than expected to arrive. The second box then arrived unannounced so missed the email with the tracking number. Otherwise the boxes are great thank you !"

"I really enjoyed my surprise box everything is packaged well, delivery is always on time and I always feel excited when I open my boxes. Thank you xx"

"They exceeded my expectations and more. "

"It would be good to have an option of bath or shower products as I received a couple of products for the bath and do not have a bath."

"Amaaaaazing! Opened my box and was so shocked to see how nicely it was packaged! Definitely get your moneys worth plus so much more! Definitely will be buying more and more and more! Thank you for being the absolute best and really treating your customers :) "

"Great boxes"

"Loved the one i got ,good product range excellent value for money,used as a gift for someone else who also loved it."

"Was really nice to receive . Will look at repurchasing when financially viable . Maybe too many emails would be my only criticism:) "

"Feedback only based on one treat box but I'm excited to receive number two of my three month subscription - if the quality continues I will subscribe for a year. I like the information about, and offers contained with the products. "

"Great fast delivery. I appreciate the one off boxes for mothers day or single gals as I fit both those criteria so it's nice to get a surprise treat for myself at a good price."

"Great variety, happy with the box."

"Great , fast delivery! "

"I was really impressed with how much was in the box! I was not expecting that much. I’m keeping a couple of lovely things to treat myself, and the rest is going in my ‘gift box’ for birthdays etc during the year! Haha "

"Loved boxes especially surprise ones but on strick budget now so had to stop." 

"Love the lipstick!"

"Was a great mix of products, some were being kept for myself and others I like to use as gifts for family and friends. "

"I absolutely loved my surprise box I would definitely do one again. One happy customer a+++ . Recommend to all "

"Wonderful, absolutely love receiving these boxes as a single mother money is tight these boxes give me a chance to enjoy products I wouldn't be able to other wise afford. I love that the products are all natural and made in NZ. The boxes are packaged beautifully, such a treat getting one delivered to the door. Thank you so much! "

"Love receiving my treat boxes and always super cool to have as gifts for friends 

"Really happy with the lucky dip box :) "


I have been subscribed to this monthly treat programme since early 2018 after hearing from a friend about the lovely body products and incredible value for money. I absolutely have loved receiving my boxes since. I could fill my table top with the goodies and have also purchased some of the one off boxes. The linden leaves, nudi point products, beauty tofu, jewellery, make up and perfume are gorgeous (to name a few). You get excellent value for money and would recommend! I look at my subscription as a non negotiable treat to myself. Janina

Janina Claridge

Absolutly loved my surprise box brought 1 while I waited for my monthly box as a pick me up and it certainly was. Going to buy some more for up coming birthdays :-)


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