All about a great night sleep... So where does it start? Having a clear head is probably the best place but any living, breathing woman who has bills, a job, friends, family, husband, boyfriend or children, is probably going to have a fair bit on her plate. So while taking a deep breath and forgetting it all sounds idyllic, the reality is it's often not quite that simple. And then there is that whole group of us who have no issues falling asleep, but for whatever reason cant seem to squeeze in more than 5 hours! The February box is designed to not only make you feel amazing and encourage more great sleep, but to make sure each hour you do get is high quality! With a retail value of nearly $200 we are so confident you will love this box, and remember you can cancel at anytime! 


These award winning NZ drops are an all-natural sleep and stress remedies to provide support during times of stress and sleeplessness. SleepDrops is New Zealand’s number one selling sleep range and has been supporting people to sleep better for over 10 years and we are so excited to have a full size adults SleepDrops NZ bottle in each box. 
RRP $39.95


Did you know the skin under our eyes is the thinnest on our entire body, which is why it is crucial to take extra special care! The Linden Leaves eye rescue serum offers instant results... Margaret say's "I love using this product as it’s made such a huge difference to the skin around my eyes. I’ve noticed a softness and elasticity that was missing. It’s just gorgeous to use and the results are fabulous."
RRP $49.95


These sweet scented bath bombs are luxury in a ball! A bath is a treat for most of us, given that finding an extra 20 minutes each evening seems like a bit of a mission, the February box will encourage you to soak away your stresses 4 times throughout the month with these all natural New Zealand made treats. Linden Leaves is one New Zealand brand that embodies the concept of a treat, the company itself has grown organically because once people try it they are simply converted. February box recipients will not only have the chance to try these products, but with exclusive offers and discounts for MyTreat customers, Linden Leaves are really looking after us this month. 
RRP $19.95


Brush with Dentiste New Zealand, a brand new toothpaste with 14 Natural extracts which act as a natural antiseptic and antibacterial, and most importantly, have been proven to improve morning breath! Yay! Lend that one to the hubby...  plus it features micronized Silica Complex which is clinically proven to be effective on soothing sensitive teeth. 
RRP $9.95


All about bright beautiful colours, comfort and class, our underwear is hand picked to compliment your shape and make you feel fabulous all day! 
RRP $29.95


Eating well improves sleep, eating vegetables, and low carbs, helps your metabolism overnight, and eating less meat will improve your digestive health. I'm a meat eater from way back (think Canterbury farming family) so the thought of a few vegetarian meals each week is scary as hell, but then I discovered and tested some delicious options and I am sold! We have put our heads together and come up with 7 healthy, budget friendly dinners. After reading a certain life guru's guide to a healthy meals recently, and deciding my weekly food bill would NOT stretch to $400, I called on my girls to send me their quick, healthy, easy dinners. From there we went through, looked at the ingredients and what could be used and replicated throughout the week, and made a list that has no wastage, that would appeal to adults and children, and that wouldn't break the bank. This list is going to save you times, and these recipes will give you some yummy ideas! If you are like us and looking for the fastest, healthiest dinners possible, you (and your family) will love it!  
... so you've had your healthy dinner, you've enjoyed a Linden Leaves bath, you've taken care of your skin, and now what? Well every good box needs a great surprise, so keep an eye on our Facebook page and see if you can spot the final pieces of the February box.

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