FEB 2023 BOX REVIEW: What MyTreaters Had To Say

FEB 2023 BOX REVIEW: What MyTreaters Had To Say

Here's what the MyTreat Tribe had to say about some individual treats found in our February 2023 box:

Living Light Aromastone & Atomiser Set - RRP $29.90

"Unusual. Not something I thought I’d use but the fragrance actually works and smells nice." - Julie W.

"I've hung it in my car. It's fabulous" - Kerry T.

"Stunning smell.. I was affected by the flooding twice so was brilliant to have a lovely smell wafting in my room! I didn’t share lol." - Eva P.

Little Mango Natural Deodorant - RRP  $18.99

"Great smell and long lasting" - Carmen P.

"I have told all my friends to swap to this, by far the best deodorant I have ever used" - Stacey F.

"Learning a new way of applying deodorant, really like this." - Judi H.

By Nature Whipped Body Soufflé - RRP $12.00

"My gosh this stuff is amazing 😍" - Gemma D.

"Stunning scent, interesting texture. Will definitely use." - Anna W.

"Takes awhile to sink into my skin. But it smells great." - Casey l.

Fig + Flora Apothecary Caffeine Eye Serum Roll - RRP $25.00 (LUXE box only)

"the skin around my eyes are looking the best they have in a long time." - June B.

"Great as an addition to my skincare routine - much needed" - Tina D.

"Very refreshing" - Jolene O.

Which Subscription Box Should I Choose?

At MyTreat, we have different types of monthly subscription boxes. Our original Body Box has at least 5 full-sized treats but if you love to explore your treats with your friends and family, the Plus and LUXE boxes have extra treats added in so there is more to share! Or consider gifting them a full Body Box subscription of their own!

🍃Body Box - $38.95 per month
🍃Body Plus Box - $48.95 per month
🍃Body LUXE Box - $58.95 per month

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