Essential Oil Blends for Insomnia Created By Skye Candle & Body Care's Kash Harvey

Essential Oil Blends for Insomnia Created By Skye Candle & Body Care's Kash Harvey

When Kash Harvey, owner, managing director and chief maker at Skye Candle & Body Care, first started making soy candles, she used the typical premium fragrance oils that most candle-makers would use.

Premium fragrance oils are synthetic oils that are created to mimic specific scents. They are designed to smell similar to popular fragrances, such as designer perfumes or natural scents like lavender or vanilla. Premium fragrance oils tend to be less expensive than essential oils and offer a wider variety of scents to choose from.

However, many of her customers asked about candles made with essential oils instead for certain benefits. Essential oils are natural oils that are extracted from various parts of plants, such as leaves, flowers, and roots. These oils are highly concentrated and are believed to have therapeutic properties. Essential oils are typically used in aromatherapy, where the aroma is used to promote relaxation, improve mood, or relieve stress. Because they are natural, essential oils tend to be more expensive than fragrance oils and have a limited range of scents to choose from.

So, Kash started playing with essential oils and loved how things turned out in the end. All of Kash's creations are handcrafted in small-batches in Wellington, New Zealand and made with absolute love.

MyTreat's April 2023 'Sweet Dream's LUXE box will have not one, but TWO scent-sational fragrant creations by Kash, including the LUXE-exclusive 'Inner Peace' Oil Blend as well as the ‘Sleep Easy’ Scented Soy Candle (also available in the Plus Box).

We caught up with Kash, one of MyTreat's most beloved suppliers, to find out more about her sleepy, scent-sational creations.

Sleep Easy scented soy candle by Skye Candle & Body Care

Tell us the inspiration behind making the 'Sleep Easy' Scented Soy Candle?
I had a customer who was struggling with insomnia so I created the 'Sleep Easy' scent [which includes lavender, frankincense, cedarwood, and bergamot essential oils] and sent it to her. Her feedback was it helped her to wind down faster so I started to use this scent in every product possible, not only in my candles but in my wax melts, as a roll-on and diffuser oils.

How about 'Inner Peace'? What does that mean to you?
The name of Inner Peace came to me while I was watching Kung Fu Panda! Inner Peace is my most favourite blend. It has eucalyptus blue gum, lime and ylang yang essential oils. The scent is just uplifting and I love it the most.

What are some ways to reduce stress and promote relaxation before bedtime to improve sleep and overall well-being?
I believe in evening self-care routines for better sleep and also comfy pajamas. I wear my animal fleece pajamas, which makes me feel so comfortable on cold days and a satin one for hot days. Pajamas give you the feeling that it time to rest.

My evening self-care routine starts with skincare, reading a book for 15 minutes, writing 10 things I’m grateful for the day, and writing down my to-do list for the next day. On days when I’m feeling very tired or need an extra kick, I have ice creams before going to bed — it keeps me happy. There are days where I will place a few drops of lavender essential oil on my pillowcases and use an eye mask to relax and get better sleep.

What is good sleep to you? Is the recommended 8 hours a must? Or is that a myth? 
I don’t believe in 8 hours of sleep. And it really depends on what you do. I would say, even 10 hours of sleep won’t do much for a person who is not passionate about what he/she does the next day. Usually, I sleep around 10-12pm, and wake up between 5-7am. On Sundays, I do sleep in until 8. There have been days when I will sleep around 8pm and wake up at 3am, so I try to listen to my body. Good sleep to me means that I wake up fresher in the morning, even if it means needing an extra minute of cuddles with my pillows.

Have all your dreams come true? If so, what are they? And if not, what are some dreams you wish would be fulfilled in your lifetime?
I’m a person who believe in goal-setting and I do that on a yearly and monthly basis. My dreams always linger around my happiness and flexibility in spending more time with my family. I have accomplished most of my dreams and the one that I always wanted is to surprise my husband with a new warehouse, where I could hire more staff and take long holidays. 

Make your self-care dreams come true by subscribing to a MyTreat monthly box subscription, where you will receive plenty of treats, including Kash's creations, to allow plenty of relaxation and me-time moments without a second thought.

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