Embracing Adventure With Sonia Barrish, Founder Of Back To The Wild

Embracing Adventure With Sonia Barrish, Founder Of Back To The Wild

A thirst for adventure and a deep love for the great outdoors are at the core of Back To The Wild, a brand founded by the adventurous spirit, Sonia Barrish. Her unwavering passion for nature and exploration has shaped both her personal life and her business.

For Sonia, the outdoors is where she truly feels alive. The freedom and clarity she experiences in nature have a profound impact on her mental well-being. Being surrounded by untouched landscapes, far from the distractions of human creations, brings her a sense of tranquility and peace.

She adds, "Plus, I love ticking things off as having a goal always makes things more fun. At first, it was geocaching. But now, it's more hut-bagging. That was a great way especially in the early days to find places to go and give motivation to get outside too."

Adventure Is Self-care

Adventure, to Sonia, is synonymous with self-care. It is her me-time, a sense where she can prioritise herself. Escaping the chaos of daily life, the hustle and bustle, and the never-ending household chores, Sonia finds solace in the arms of nature. It is here that she rejuvenates her spirit and finds the energy to keep going.

"Adventure is my self care! I find it's where I can take time for myself."

When asked about the best activities to engage in during August, Sonia enthusiastically recommends skiing and snowboarding. Tramping in the snow holds a special place in her heart as well, connecting her to nature in a unique and captivating way. She says, "There's just something so beautiful about snow-capped mountains so make sure to go check some out this winter!" 

Avoiding Burnout With Adventurous Activity

To sustain her adventurous spirit and avoid burnout, Sonia and her family embark on overnight hiking trips at least once a month. These excursions serve as much-needed resets, allowing them to detach from the constant connectivity of modern life.

Furthermore, in order to not tire out, she emphasises the importance of creating a stress-free home environment. Sonia has found that decluttering and cultivating a beautiful, vibrant garden contribute to a less stressful life. Balancing the demands of her two kids and husband while nurturing her own needs can be challenging, but she recognises the significance of finding that equilibrium.

Embracing The Wild

Starting and running a business has taught Sonia invaluable lessons too. The most profound of these is the realisation that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. Initially daunted by the unfamiliar territories of marketing and social media, she persevered and acquired the necessary skills along the way. What was once intimidating transformed into an enjoyable aspect of her entrepreneurial journey. Sonia's determination and willingness to learn have been pivotal in her success. Just look at her Instagram!

With a background in science and statistics, Sonia's expertise has been instrumental in crafting Back To The Wild's products. Countless hours of research and deep dives into scientific literature helped her identify the right ingredients and exclude harmful ones. Her understanding of scientific terminology and the ability to read between the lines empowered her to navigate the complexities of product formulation. Continuous experimentation and collaboration with a lab in Australia allowed her to refine her sunscreen recipe, resulting in a product she is truly proud of and a must-have for all.

Back To The Wild's 100% natural sunscreen stands as a testament to Sonia's commitment to providing safe and effective solutions for outdoor enthusiasts. Zinc oxide and organic oils form the basis of this sunscreen, offering a barrier against the sun's rays without the use of chemicals. It is suitable for all ages, including newborns, and holds the distinction of being the only FDA-recommended sunscreen for babies under six months of age.

Sonia's journey is an inspiration to all those who crave adventure and wish to create their own path. Her story reflects the power of determination, the importance of self-care, and the boundless possibilities that unfold when one embraces the unknown. Back To The Wild is not just a business but a lifestyle that embodies the profound connection between humans and nature.

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Hi Sonia. I recently attended your course on Natural Home Cleaning and wished to do the Soap Making. I’ve read the workshops are closed. Are you doing any workshops on Soap Making.

Marilyn Ann Ponsford

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