Do You Really Need to Cleanse Your Face Daily?

Do You Really Need to Cleanse Your Face Daily?

Everyone knows that to have clear skin, they need to start by thoroughly cleansing it – twice a day, every day.... Or do they now? There seems to be a trending movement towards not washing one’s face. Some people swear by its benefits, such as self-regulated sebum production, claiming that it makes their skin calmer.

Some dermatologists even suggest that being too vigorous with skin-cleansing is unnecessary. “Most of us are not doing manual labour these days anyway so we’re not getting that dirty,” they’d say.

It seems that washing, or not washing, doesn’t really make a difference then. At least, if you’ve been gifted with good complexion to begin with.

But there are definitely benefits of cleansing your face daily, no matter how blessed you are, how old you are, or how “easy” your job may be. Here are some reasons why you need to invest in a good face cleanser:

1. It removes makeup

It is highly recommended that you remove your makeup daily, especially before bedtime. If not, there might be pore buildup that clogs it, not allowing the skin to breathe properly.

2. It removes dead skin cells

As we age, our skin cell cycle elongates and its turnover deceases. That’s when skin looks dull due to accumulated dead skin cells. So, if there's a reason to cleanse from a beauty perspective, it's to restore that goddess glow.

3. It removes oil

Some people produce a lot of sebum and might want to get it off. And for teens with acne, pores tend to fill up with oil much faster, probably due to a more active lifestyle, so using a cleanser that comes medicated will actually do better than not washing at all.

Our recommendations

It’s clear that you might not need to be so rigorous with your cleansing regime. But you also shouldn’t skip it completely. No matter what your skin type is, it's worth trying a gentle cleansing option to see if your skin likes it better. Here are a few suggestions:

Gentle Renew Milky Cleanser: Akaia Blends (Featuring inside this months MyTreat Boxes for all subscribers) 

This beautiful milky cleanser restores the skin with olive squalane and naturally blended oils. This is a new brand to the MyTreat boxes and we love how gentle it is and with its plant powered goodness, the entire Akaia Blends range is suitable for all skin types. Harnessing the natural cleansing ability of camellia oil it balances your skin, and with neroli flower water, also known as 'orange flower water' it will prevent moisture loss. "Most cleansers left my face feeling tight, dry and irritated. So I wanted to formulate a cleanser to combat this. " - Mikaela

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Gentle Foaming Cleanser: Foaming Deep Cleanser with Lemon Essential Oil by Lemon & Beaker

In general, foaming cleansers are great for oily and acne-prone skin, specifically because of their pore-penetrating capabilities. If you want to get rid of acne or excess sebum, you need a cleanser that can go deep in your pores and get rid of the grime without too much effort. Foaming cleansers are perfect at doing that.

Many of our subscribers swear by Lemon & Beaker’s Foaming Deep Cleanser with Lemon Essential Oil. It may feel luxurious but it’s actually quite a gentle and therapeutic formula, infusing high quality lemon peel essential oil and bergamot fruit oil, which have powerful antiseptic and healing properties. While extracts from New Zealand's native plant and Māori medicinal herb, the kawakawa, help to soothe and repair inflamed, irritated and sensitive skin.

Gentler Gel Cleanser: Everyday Cleanser with Rosehip Oil by Goodness

Gel cleansers only provide a small amount of foam, if any, and generally impart a lighter cleansing experience. As you can imagine, this makes them a great choice for most sensitive skin. Think of gel cleansers as cleaning out your skin and pores without stripping away so much of your natural oils.

Goodness is known for its superfood skincare and the Goodness Everyday Cleanser with Rosehip Oil sure feels like superfood for your face. The nourishing gel cleanser has organic rosehip oil, chia seed oil, and hydrating aloe vera gel that will gently remove excess makeup and built-up gunk without stripping your skin as well as providing lots of antioxidants.

Gentlest, Just Water: Microfibre Makeup Wipes by Skye Candle And Body Care

For a chemical-free, fuss-free way to cleanse your face, try using Skye’s Microfibre Makeup Wipes. All you need to do is add water to the pad, and voila! No more powder and paint! Being extremely strong and durable, each individual microfibre strand removes makeup and other impurities without any scrubbing or cleanser needed. It’s pure, cleansing magic!


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