December subscription box mytreat

December 'With Love' Subscription Box


December MyTreat Subscription

For our final box of the year, we wanted to make sure it felt like a gift, from the moment you open it to each and every time you use each product, it had to feel like a present, ‘With Love’. A lot of our subscribers have signed up their loved ones to this subscription for Christmas, plus, it’s a gift that can be tucked under the tree for Christmas morning. It’s a pat on the back for surviving the craziness of 2021, and to encourage some me-time before the holidays. It has been a big year, and giving ourselves permission to just relax and have fun is easier said than done! Take a break from the Christmas shopping, the people and the errands, and just enjoy. Featuring the follow-up Lemon & Beaker product from November’s cleanser - The Hydrating Toner with Rose Essential Oil; to balance, restore and boost the skin following cleansing. Also find in this gift box a gorgeously festive Chai Fig + Flora Facial Scrub, a beautiful high-quality Body Wash from Linden Leaves, some irresistible liqueur Toffees from Kainui Chocolates, a sample of the famous Nudi Point Miracle Healing Balm, and a ByNature Bakuchiol Face Mask for a pre or post-Christmas pamper. This box is an absolute treat to the senses and has been carefully put together to ensure it looks and feels like a gift! Keep reading for a sneak peek at each of the goodies inside…

December subscription box mytreat lemon & beaker

First up, you can’t get past the gorgeous Lemon & Beaker Hydrating Toner with Rose Essential Oil. In beautiful pink and gold packaging and a gorgeous frosted pink bottle, it looks as luxurious as it feels. Plus, with a regular retail rate of $49, you know its contents are just as incredible. This toner is to be used following cleansing; to restore and balance the PH of the skin. Pat on the face for an instant boost, and breathe in the wonderful rose water and rose essential oil aroma. Also infused with Kawakawa, Harakeke Leaf, Mamaku Leaf and Kowhai flower extracts that combine to make a powerfully soothing and incredibly hydrating formula. As the last Lemon & Beaker product of the year, and after receiving SO MUCH great feedback from everyone regarding the November Cleanser, you may say we have saved the best for last... we can’t wait for you to try this!

December subscription box mytreat  Fig + flora

What could be more divine than scrubbing away the day and breathing in creamy spiced vanilla and chai tea? Find in your box the beautiful ‘Illuminate’ Chai Facial Scrub from Fig + Flora, with a decadent festive scent that is perfect for the holidays. Made with sea salt, bentonite clay, chai tea and clove oil, this scrub will gently purify and lift away dead skin cells naturally, to reveal beautifully soft and bright skin to keep you feeling fresh and radiant over the holidays.

December subscription box mytreat Nudi Point
Everyone loves Nudi Point, so when we had the opportunity to feature a sample of Blairs FAMOUS ‘Make It All Better’ Miracle Healing Balm in this box, it was a no brainer! Soothe and salve any; cuts, burns, grazes, rashes and more during summer adventures with this pocket-sized but mighty balm. Harnessing the power of pure essential oils and plant-based extracts, this balm is all-natural and all good. (Product is 5gm sample)

"It's actually the product I am the most proud of, simply because of the things people have contacted me about to say it's healed or helped with. In Takahue, they started calling me the "Takahue Witch Doctor" because of this healing balm!"

December subscription box mytreat Kainui Chocolates

It wouldn’t feel like a Christmas gift without a sweet treat. Unravel the beautiful fabric parcel in your box and find three beautiful caramel toffees, each coated with a layer of chocolate and infused with liquor. Lovingly made by hand from Chris and the team at Kainui Chocolates, who have created 3 different flavours - Cream Liqueur Caramel Toffee with a White Chocolate coating, Salted Whiskey Caramel Toffee with Milk Chocolate, and a Hazelnut Liqueur Caramel Toffee with Dark Chocolate. These taste as good as they sound, and definitely hit you with the perfect mix of chewy caramel goodness and flavours or high-quality liquor, for an indulgent Christmas treat you will not want to share.

December subscription box mytreat  Linden Leaves

Next up, a high-quality body wash from Linden Leaves. Find either the
Vetiver & Violet or Clementine & Basil Hand and Body Wash in your box, for fresh, soft, and hydrated skin over the holidays. With a gentle formula and beautiful fragrance, this wash will make jumping in the shower luxurious.

Vetiver & Violet - Bright top notes of bergamot accented with a spicy floral, violet heart, layered over a warmly aromatic base of vetiver, amber and sandalwood.

Clementine & Basil - fresh, sunlit top notes of clementine and orange layered over a softly herbaceous heart of basil and lavender.

December subscription box mytreat ByNature

Sit back and soak in the incredible powers of Bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol alternative to give your skin some anti-aging goodness. Combined with Hyaluronic Acid for extreme hydration and restoration, to use pre-Christmas day, or as a recovery tool after the Christmas chaos. We recommend combining this mask with a glass of wine, a beautiful candle or oil, and the included toffees for a moment of absolute bliss. What more of a gift could you want???

As our last box of the year, we had to make it epic, and of course, a gift. Called ‘With Love’ to feel like a gift from not only yourself but also from us, for all the love and support over the year. We wouldn’t be here without our incredible subscribers, and each and every one of our treaters means the world to us! It’s been a hard year, so we all deserve to feel appreciated.

December subscription box mytreat

If you aren’t signed up, or a looking to sign up a loved one for Christmas, take a look at our subscription options here - MyTreat Subscription

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Loved loved loved my first subscription box Thanks guys Love Rhona

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