Cheers To Change: Rethink Your Drink With Elta Ego

Cheers To Change: Rethink Your Drink With Elta Ego

Ever wondered if you could enjoy the social scene without the hangover? Elta Ego presents a clean slate for those pursuing a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing taste or enjoyment.

With a tantalising array of flavours, from the refreshing Passionfruit Margarita to the sophisticated Raspberry + Yuzu G&T, Elta Ego offers a guilt-free alternative.

When it comes to non-alcoholic beverages, founder Paul Duncan doesn't settle for bland.

He says, “My go-to is the Passionfruit Margarita as I like the balance of sourness and sweetness—it's quite refreshing and the l-theanine in it makes me feel nice and relaxed. Garnish with some passionfruit pulp or a slice of lime and a salt rim and we're on!

“If it's a cold evening, I like a strong cocktail that I can slowly sip next to the fire with my favourite slow-sipper being the Negroni—a bitter-sweet orange-vermouth delight. If you want to be fancy, you can get a small strip of orange peel and lightly caramelise the orange peel with the flame from a match... Roll the orange peel while you do this so the oils come out.”

While Dry July used to be a personal challenge, Paul now embraces a lifestyle that allows for occasional indulgence alongside the benefits of alcohol-free alternatives. With Elta Ego by his side, Paul enjoys the best of both worlds—socialising without the side effects.

“I only drink alcohol very occasionally,” he admits. “For example, a glass of champagne at my birthday or the occasional margarita at a restaurant. Otherwise, when I go out to socialise or I want to relax after a long day, I enjoy having some Elta Egos because the adaptogens make me feel good and I just love having a great sleep and a clear head the next day.

“You've got to find the balance that works for you and that varies between people and how bad you get hangovers.”

Contrary to popular belief, going alcohol-free doesn't mean sacrificing fun or confidence. Paul debunks the misconception that teetotalism is synonymous with boredom, highlighting how confidence and genuine relaxation can shine through in social settings, even without alcohol. With Elta Ego's added l-theanine, a natural compound that may support thinking, sleep, and relaxation, social anxiety becomes a thing of the past, paving the way for memorable moments without the hangover.

Redefining Wellness

For Paul, the decision to adopt a less-alcohol lifestyle brought unexpected rewards.

“I've noticed since I hardly drink alcohol these days, my mind is sharper and my memory is better than it has ever been, which has been a welcome benefit of not drinking. Overall, it's made me much more effective and productive at work.

“I've also noticed my sleep quality improve a lot. I used to need 9-10 hours when I used to drink often but now I only need 7-8 hours every night and I wake up feeling well-rested. Some studies have shown that drinking even just a glass of alcohol can affect the quality of your sleep and the amount of sleep you need and I definitely agree with these findings,” says Paul.

With reduced alcohol consumption, dopamine levels in the brain also return to healthier levels, resulting in elevated mood, enhanced motivation, and increased productivity—all without sacrificing enjoyment.

Paul says, “Overall my baseline mood and motivation has been higher, which has helped me in many other ways such as self-confidence, relationships and performance at work.”

Elta Ego's alcohol-free Passionfruit Margarita and Raspberry + Yuzu G&T are included in MyTreat's July 2024 'Clean Slate' Wellness Box amongst other treats. Subscribe now.

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