Changing the way we accept new subscriptions...

Changing the way we accept new subscriptions...

After 24 months of constant growth, we are at a point where we would like to plateau and maintain our current numbers. We will still offer new subscriptions each month, but will limit this to 50 new subscribers. To give you an idea, we sell close to 300 new subscriptions per month, so by planning for more gradual growth in 2019, we will have a chance to improve our systems and properly adjust to our new work space. 

Each month since starting we have had more customers than the previous month, but 2019 is going to be all about balance. After spending a few days away with the MyTreat team on our first annual staff retreat, we discussed ways to try and be more responsive to customers, improve our packaging even more, ensure our boxes can be sent as early as possible. While I have had the thought previously, that a large team could cope with large numbers, what I have worked out over the last few months is that a large team can cause hassles, and a small team, that is highly efficient, and very customer focused, is what is best for our subscribers. 

Also the difference in the reaction of brands when we ask for 1000 units to when we ask for almost 2000 units is significant. No one can produce anything in those quantities without a lot of work (and costs) going into it. By trying to stay closer to 1500 boxes per month, we can make sure we still feature loads of great New Zealand brands, just like this month. The New Zealand made November box is a prototype for what we would like to achieve every month. All New Zealand made products, a HUGE box, and brands that are all about ethically sourced ingredients, and treats to leave women healthy, stress free, and beautiful. We love working with brands that are proud to be producing natural and eco-friendly skincare and body products. We will also aim to continue to offer our one off boxes. They are an excellent way of allowing new customers try out our service, and for our customers to buy gifts for their friends and families, and we are constantly receiving options for stock which we can buy in much lower quantities so it does work well with what we are already doing here. 

Of course we do appreciate the support of each and every customer, we do look forward to going into each new month knowing (almost) exactly what to expect, and how long things will take us to get ready to send. By supporting MyTreat you are supporting so many great brands and helping us run a business that is focused on helping people treat and pamper themselves more often and we would not be able to do it without the significant levels of support we have achieved over the last 2 years. 

We do still have a handful of New Zealand Made November boxes available so if you want to subscribe you can still do that here. If you are an existing customer please don't worry, we have counted you in all our future ordering and unless you get in touch to confirm your cancellation we will keep your subscription rolling over. Plus we will offer any spots which become available after the end of existing customer subscriptions. 


Hi Judy, you can do that for your daughter, what a lovely present. You can get in touch by phoning our office on 03 445 1621. Or you can simply sign up under her name and address, with your email. And when you receive the confirmation email you can respond and let us know what little message you would like included with the first box. You can choose to pay monthly, weekly, fortnightly or in full. Each month our monthly pay and paid in full boxes are dispatched on the 25th (except December when they leave early), so your daughter could expect to get her boxes at the end of each month, and in time for Christmas.
Thank you for thinking of MyTreat for a gift this year!!

Rosie - MyTreat

I would like to pay a monthly subscription for 12 months as a Xmas present for my daughter, is this possible and when are the deliveries are they at the beginning or the end of the month??

Judy O'Donnell

Love what you ladies are doing. Sincerely look forward to my box each month and to date, have never been dissatisfied. I also appreciate the way you inform us [customers] in the decisions you make as a business and reasons for them. I have been with MyTreat since February ‘18 and my only intention is to continue to show my support for the company and all the fantastic brands that I’m introduced to along the way.


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