By Nature Lavender and Shea Butter Cuticle Balm

By Nature Lavender and Shea Butter Cuticle Balm

Winter is rough on everything! Including our hands and nails. I don’t know about you but I carry a moisturiser in my bag at all times during the winter season and colder months (So basically every day of the year here in NZ) I shouldn’t be so mean to our little country’s weather but to be warm and sunny all the time….you would hear no complaints from me. I’m getting off topic, that spiel is for another day.

Right now, I want to inform you all of the delicious By Nature Lavender and Shea Butter cuticle balm that is currently residing in my handbag waiting for its next date with my hands and nails. It’s compact so I can carry it everywhere! Perfect for on the go. The smell is heavenly, and might I dare say relaxing? If only for a moment of my day.

Shea butter, did you know, is a natural way of repairing your cuticle damage which is a daily occurrence for everybody’s hands. It’s a magic little number that helps support and maintain healthy cuticles and is a little gem at maintaining strong nails that grow in evenly, don’t chip easily and can stay that way through the cold cr@p that is our winters. Shea Butter is where it’s at!


It leaves my hands feeling fresh and moisturised and, over a period of time, I have noticed my nails have become stronger and less prone to snagging and breaking! (Yippee says the busy mum who has no time for slapping on some nail polish let alone have a manicure!) but in all seriousness, this cuticle balm is my go to. My hands and nails feel the love when I use it which in turn makes me feel good that I am taking care of myself, if only sparingly in this busy whirlwind I call life.

Treat yourself and your busy digits this winter. They will thank you for it! And I also love saying I told you so!

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