Behind The Brand: Velvet Ash — A Quest for Clean Living

Behind The Brand: Velvet Ash — A Quest for Clean Living

In an age where scrutiny over everyday products has become paramount, the inception of Velvet Ash in 2022 marked a pivotal moment. The brainchild of Becks Murray, the brand was born from an eye-opening exploration into the everyday items within our homes, revealing a disquieting prevalence of toxic and carcinogenic components. This revelation initiated a transformative journey, starting with the gradual replacement of specific items and culminating in the launch of Velvet Ash—a line of skincare and hair products dedicated to providing a luxurious and healing experience, sans harmful ingredients.

"We understand that everything we encounter—whether in the air we breathe, the food we consume, or the products we apply to our bodies—has the potential to either benefit or harm us," shared Becks, encapsulating the ethos driving Velvet Ash. "Our awakening began when we delved into the ingredients of everyday products in our homes, discovering an unsettling prevalence of toxic and carcinogenic components."

Behind the evocative name "Velvet Ash" lies inspiration drawn from the Velvet Ash tree, renowned for its believed healing properties—a quality actively integrated into Velvet Ash's products. This choice aligns with the brand's philosophy and hints at a future encompassing an expansive range of feel-good and wellness products.

The Gotu Kola Hair Gel, included in MyTreat’s ‘JanuaReset’ Wellness Box, embodies Velvet Ash's dedication to healing botanicals. Infused with the herb Gotu Kola, this gel strikes a harmonious balance between non-stickiness and a pleasing medium hold/cast. The potent herb nourishes malnourished hair cells and follicles, preventing hair loss, while promoting blood circulation on the scalp to enhance overall hair growth.

Becks shared insights into the personal use of the Gotu Kola Hair Gel, emphasising the varying needs among individuals. The application depends on hair density and type, with suggestions ranging from a small amount for thin or straight hair to a more generous application for dense or curly hair. The gel, applied to damp hair before styling, aids in managing fly-aways, and a minimal amount on dry hair can effectively control frizz.

Becks Murray, Owner Of Velvet Ash

When it comes to personal style, Becks' focus is on understanding and embracing her hair's natural state, veering away from trends. This journey, though challenging, reflects her commitment to living authentically. Self-care holds a profound meaning for Becks—a deliberate act of nurturing mind, body, and soul. Establishing morning and evening routines serves as anchors, shaping her day and aiding in winding down, fostering invaluable mindfulness. As for resolutions, Becks adopts a continuous improvement approach rather than rigid resolutions.

She said, "I try not to make set resolutions as I’m no fan of failure! Every year I do work on bettering myself and my environment and that has a flow on effect into every facet of my life. My biggest hope for 2024 is to find more ways to slow down and simplify life."

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