Bees Brilliance: Rich, Natural, Nourishment for your whole body

Bees Brilliance: Rich, Natural, Nourishment for your whole body

Winter is coming. The oncoming combination of cold weather, low humidity, and artificial heating will surely be drying you out.

With little moisture in the air, it’s more important than ever to ensure your body, skin and even lashes get properly hydrated in order to avoid worsened appearances. Keeping everything hydrated should be one of your primary priorities for the winter months, as this will hold the foundation for a healthier, radiant you throughout the year. Dry skin can be caused by internal factors as well, specifically the aging process. The skin gets thinner and thus loses its ability to retain moisture as we age. A good hand lotion is essential for soft and hydrated skin, especially when you're dealing with dry winter air, or you're washing your hands more often than ever thanks to pesky Covid-19. Plus, with all that exposure to the elements, it's no wonder hands are one of the first places to show signs of weathering.

Therefore, especially this winter, a must-have to carry around in the cold is the Bees Brilliance Healing Hand and Body Lotion. It locks in moisture to help prevent and protect dry or cracked skin, providing temporary relief from chapping and scaling. This naturally nourishing and non-greasy lotion is quickly absorbed by your skin. It also contains no added fragrance so we recommend leaving the tub on the vanity for your partner to use as well.

Summer may be long gone but the bees are still abuzz this winter. Honey-infused skincare brand Bees Brilliance harnesses the natural vitamins of the golden nectar, working as hard as the bees in their hives, to improve your skin and make your hands and body look oh-so-bee-you-tiful.

Led by a husband-and-wife team, Matthew and Julene, the couple created the brand in Brightwater, Nelson, NZ in 2015. “We were tired of products with lots of complicated ingredients and skincare routines. So, we decided to provide a new option of simple, clean products with no fuss,” they said.

And its Healing Hand and Body Lotion is definitely fuss-free. Our pro tip is to apply the lotion immediately after you bathe or shower, while your skin is still warm and supple so that it can deeply penetrate the skin for maximum effect.

The ingredients don’t sting too! There’s New Zealand Manuka honey, which is rich in natural sugars, amino acids and vitamins. A natural humectant that helps to draw moisture into the skin, Manuka honey is also revered for its scientifically proven skin-healing properties. Moreover, the team at Bees Brilliance has added beeswax into the mix. Produced in the glands of young bees in the hive, beeswax is the material bees use to build hives and seal the honeycomb cells. It’s protective and sturdy usefulness translates well unto our skin as well, providing us ultra-moisturising and soothing properties.


Now that’s bringing the brilliance of the beehive to your home this winter.


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