Bee A Glow-Getter: Bees Brilliance's Instant Hydra Firming Shot

Bee A Glow-Getter: Bees Brilliance's Instant Hydra Firming Shot

Who Made It

The Instant Hydra Firming Shot was designed by Julene Cropp, founder of Cropps NZ, a personal care manufacturer that also owns and creates the Bees Brilliance brand in Brightwater, Aotearoa. It's her most favourite product and here, Julene explains the why, what, how and where of it all...

Julene Cropp Bees Brilliance

Why Was It Made

"Since my teenage years, I have suffered with hormonal acne. This continued into my middle years and the Instant Hydra Firming Shot was developed to address this skin condition — oily skin that lacks hydration. Hard to believe you can have oily skin that is thirsty, but that was my skin type."

"Instant Hydra Shot was developed to address three main concerns: Hydration, pre-aging, and skin lipid support. The basic overview of the formulation is it is gel base with some potent active ingredients that in my opinion are far superior to some of the Google-trendy ingredients that the Internet algorithms want you to see."

What Is It Made Of

Bees Brilliance's Instant Hydra Firming Shot Share

"A mega moisture star ingredient, AQUAXYL™, boosts skin NMF (natural moisturising factor) and increases hyaluronic acid production whilst supporting skin barrier function. If your skin is thirsty and in need of a big drink of moisture, the Instant Hydra Shot should be your go to!"

"Another rather unique ingredient is Prolevis™. Made up of proteins and amino acids, this ingredient has a magical way of instantly tightening the skin."

How It Is Used

"Hence, this is why I love to use the Instant Hydra Firming Shot under my eyes if I’m wanting to tighten and calm this area, especially if I haven’t had the best night sleep and I’ve got a day of meetings ahead of me."

"I use the Instant Hydra Firming Shot every night after cleansing, as a pre-night ritual. It has an instant cooling feeling, with a subtle fresh scent and combined with the potent actives is the reason why this gel cream is my favourite."

Where It Matters

"We put a lot of focus on the outward appearance, and it is nice to treat ourselves once in a while but to me, [ultimately], an attractive person is happy and healthy, and this happens when we love and are loved – our radiance within shines out, bringing much joy to all those around us." 

Let your skin and overall persona glow with the Bees Brilliance Instant Hydra Firming Shot, available in all our October 'Glow'-themed boxesGlow on and subscribe to a monthly MyTreat box now.

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