Beat The Winter Blues: Drink The Rainbow Of Teas By Tea Tonic

Beat The Winter Blues: Drink The Rainbow Of Teas By Tea Tonic

Once upon a time (1998), in a land not so far away (Australia), Lisa Hilbert founded Tea Tonic. A passionate naturopath and herbalist, Lisa was driven by a profound love for tea and a desire to help others incorporate wellness into their daily routines. Understanding the risks associated with heavily processed teas, she committed to using only the highest quality, pure ingredients—organic plants and herbs—to create teas that could cure ailments, promote good health, and taste delicious.

The Genesis of Tea Tonic

Lisa Hilbert’s journey into naturopathy and herbalism was deeply personal. Growing up, she was treated by a naturopath, and the dramatic improvements in her health through changes in daily habits and herbal remedies left a lasting impression. By the age of 14, she was set on a career in naturopathy. During her studies, Lisa adopted many healthy habits, one of which was drinking herbal blends as tea—a simple daily ritual that significantly enhanced her well-being.

The inception of Tea Tonic began with Lisa’s own struggles with skin issues, including eczema and stress rashes. "The first Tea Tonic tea I created was Complexion Tea, designed to help with my skin issues," she said. "Making Complexion Tea for myself, and eventually for friends and their friends, made me realise the unique impact of the right blend of herbs. Despite the many teas available in the market, none offered the perfect balance of ingredients to achieve genuine results. This gap led to the creation of Tea Tonic."

The Essence of Tea Tonic

Asked what was the inspiration behind the name Tea Tonic, Lisa answered, "Tea truly becomes a health tonic when the ratios and composition of herbs are perfectly balanced. Tea Tonic describes the powerful influence a tea can have on your health when it's done right."

Since the launch of Complexion Tea, Tea Tonic’s range has expanded to include over 30 unique blends, each crafted with the finest organic ingredients and made in Australia. Lisa’s approach to creating new teas is customer-centric. She listens to her customers’ needs, especially those looking for teas to help with specific ailments, and formulates blends with harmonising herbs to achieve the best results. The challenge lies in creating a blend that is both healing and palatable—a task Lisa finds both a science and an art.

A Collection of Unique Blends

Each tea in the Tea Tonic collection is cherished by Lisa, akin to her children. Her favourites rotate, reflecting the unique beauty and benefits of each blend. She said, "Coffee Addict Tea for when I feel like an extra boost without the caffeine; Complexion Tea always; True Calm Tea for evenings; Mint Choc Chai for something sweet.

"I've recently been sipping on the newly released Mango Elixir Tea when friends come around, and Deep Dream Tea at night with my kids. It’s taken 26 years to curate the collection of teas to my very special blends and each of them are a memory of true inspiration."

The Future of Tea Tonic

Lisa is brimming with excitement about the future of Tea Tonic. She is constantly inspired with new ideas and flavours she wants to create, promising many exciting developments on the horizon. Her belief in the medicinal power of food extends to her philosophy at Tea Tonic: drinking a rainbow of teas to complement a healthy diet and achieve good health, especially during winter when it's cold and weary. Lisa’s enthusiasm and passion ensure that Tea Tonic will continue to innovate and delight tea lovers worldwide.

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