BAR OF HOPE - Eco Luxury At Its Best!!

BAR OF HOPE - Eco Luxury At Its Best!!

 This month we are sending subscribers a beautiful aromatherapy experience in a heart-shaped bomb, from BAR OF HOPE. Each box includes two incredible scents - 'Wakey, wakey!' which is an energising lemongrass explosion, and 'Sweet Dreams' for soothing lavender goodness. Pop one of these Shower bombs on the shower floor and allow the aroma of pure essential oils to mingle with the shower steam - then breathe deep and enjoy. 

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Run by Petra, BAR OF HOPE is focused on clean, sustainable products that are good for you and the earth. These steamers are your natural spa-like indulgence from the comfort of home, without any nasties - just the good stuff.


We recently caught up with Petra to ask her where her inspiration came from for these powerful little self care treats... 

Behind the brand - Petra

What inspired you to create shower steamers?

"Being a new mum with suddenly no time to indulge and pamper myself made me look to incorporate moments of indulgence into my daily routines. I also often hear from customers that they love bath bombs but don't have a bath and this is the perfect alternative!"

How do you use your shower steamers personally?

"I pretty much always have one sitting in my shower (yay for seconds!) and sprinkle water on it when I want to add some aromatherapy goodness to my regular showers."

What has been most exciting part of doing business for you?

"Being able to create products that I'm excited to use myself, and that my family, friends and costumers love using."

What’s your favourite form of self care? Why do you think it’s important?

"I love my baths and try and have one weekly, but really it can be anything that makes me slow down for a bit and quieten the noise in my mind to be able to take stock, think about the many things I can be grateful for, and identify what I could do better at. Without it, I can lose sight of what's important, and chaos ensues!"

Tell us a bit about who you are outside of work...

"Outside of BAR OF HOPE, I moonlight in the IT industry, parent a toddler, and grow too many plants. As someone that's always been into cosmetics & self-care, I started to question what I was putting on my skin while growing a baby, since I knew that skin, as our largest organ, absorbs so much of it! At the same time, becoming a mother gave me heightened awareness for where the world is heading in respect to unnecessary waste and rampant consumerism, and I wanted to actively play a part in providing more sustainable options that won't require a compromise when it comes to the experience. These combined lead me to creating products that I not only think feel, smell and look great, but that don't contain unnecessary harmful chemicals, and won't fill the world with more waste!"

What are your words of wisdom for our subscribers? 

"Don't wait for some rare special occasion to use the good soap, wear the nice clothes, or put on the killer lipstick. Life is too short, enjoy all you can!"

If you loved these Shower Bombs and want to checkout more of the all-natural treats from the BAR OF HOPE range (Think all-natural Soap, bath + shower treats, body & hair care, clean shaving, eco-friendly home cleaning alternatives and more...) head to the BAR OF HOPE website.

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