Balancing babies and a business

Balancing babies and a business

As a lot of you will know being a mother is a full time job. Getting the kids to their individual lessons, classes, play dates, sports games, school, cooking, cleaning up, helping with homework, packing bags, lunches, keeping on top of washing... you don't need reminding, you know the list goes on! So for me, after working for over 10 years as a midwife with three kids myself, one of the main reasons I was so excited to take over MyTreat was because I know how much working mothers like myself, deserve being treated, pampered and given some quality 'me-time' to keep up with the day-to-day insanity!

MyTreat has always focused on supporting and promoting ethical, local NZ brands by featuring them in our boxes, but this particular month was so special because every brand in the September Box is by mothers who have dedicated their passion and business to their children. Once I realized this I felt so heart-warmed, as my fellow female entrepreneurs have powered their businesses with the same care, nurturing and strength that went into motherhood. Each of the 5 mother entrepreneurs included in this box have an incredible story, and we just had to share it.

1. Linden Leaves

Linden Leaves has become one of the most renowned beauty, health and skincare brands in NZ. Now expanding globally, seeing how the business came to be will give you the warm fuzzies for how successful the business has become! Founded in Christchurch NZ by Brigit Blair in 1995, a mother of two who started making her own natural skincare to care for her two children as they both suffered from sever eczema and allergies. Brigit found her passion in blending essential oils with freeze dried roses, flower extracts and fruit oils to make beautiful, effective skincare. At the time natural and effective products for sensitive skin were impossible to find, so due to demand, Linden Leaves began. From a humble kitchen operation, Linden Leaves has expanded into an internationally recognized brand! Brigit has now got her daughter, Juliet, on board to run the company who has followed her mothers passion, and now the mother daughter team work together to create more amazing skincare and aromatherapy products for people around the world. 

2. Ahhh Cosmetics

Ahhh Cosmetics is owned by the amazing Sophie Cooper, who in 2016 purchased the soap and bath bomb manufacturing business that she had been working in for two years, whilst expecting her first child! Because, of course, raising your first child and buying a business is easy peasy! (Not!) But after only 2 short years, Sophie's vision; 'Ahhh' came to be. This incredible female entrepreneur poured her heart and creativity into the eco-friendly business, whilst raising her daughter Beau.

Ahhh Shower Steamers

3. Skye Candle and Body Care

Skye candle and body care was created by an expecting mother Kash in 2016,  who wanted to find a way to work from home with her daughter and do something she felt passionate about. After experimenting with candles and body-care products, she realized her passion and named the business after her inspiration; her beautiful daughter Skye.

Skye Candle and Body Care Travel Candle

4. Arture

The Arture story;

It all started when a young woman,
pregnant with her first child,
wanting her baby to grow up in a world as beautiful as it can be.
She wants her baby to see her age gracefully,
and her skincare has to be part of this journey.

Then she discovered Arture - a skincare range full of ingredients,
as natural as it can be.

It is for all women,
that wants her baby to grow up in a world as beautiful as it can be,
and for her baby to see her age gracefully.

Arture Youth Preserve Serum

5. Flo & Co

Flo & Co was started by Donna, whilst in London four years ago, who wanted to remove toxic ingredients from her skin regime. After trialing with creating her own naturally skincare, she saw her passion, and after giving birth to her daughter and companies namesake, Flo, she made the push to create the business and make her dreams reality. Donna now resides on the beautiful west coast of New Plymouth, creating handmade, vegan, low waste and completely natural product for Kiwis around the country.

Flo & Co Matcha Detox Face Mask

 MyTreat - Kylee

I had been a full-time midwife for over 10 years, and it's the most exhausting yet incredibly rewarding jobs I have ever done. But, as much as I loved it, with constantly being on call and working shifts it had taken a toll on me and my family. I wanted a business that still kept my passion for helping women, but something that I could also work around my kids more. When I had the opportunity to take over MyTreat in 2019, I was so excited to work with NZ  brands and to be a part of bringing joy to hardworking women across the country like myself and ladies that could really appreciate the me-time. I still do a few midwifery shifts a week and then running this business and raising kids has been the hardest juggling act I have ever done, but my kids have never had a happier mama.

So, for all my fellow female entrepreneurs who are balancing babies and business, take it from myself and the ladies mentioned above...

You've got this.


September - Luxury Escape Box 


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