August's Winter Nourishment

August's Winter Nourishment

With Winter in full swing, we have received a lot of feedback from subscribers requesting products to combat dry skin - which makes sense as our skin loses moisture from the change in season, excess handwashing, the colder winds, and the dry air from cranking up the heat pumps! I also knew that most of us tend to ‘hibernate’ with winter, so a luxurious pamper item, a warm baked treat, and a lovely hand wash would ensure subscribers had plenty of opportunities to treat themselves inside and out from the comfort of their own home. So, included in this month's box are a few essentials for hydrating the lips, hands, and body, plus; a luxury face mask, a beautiful zesty handwash, and a Beer Bread pack for a freshly baked loaf on that cold wintry Sunday! Each of the brands included are locally sourced and focused on simple, natural ingredients that are safe for the whole family and our planet. So without further or do, let's spill the details on each of the ‘Winter Nourishment’ treats...

ahhh sweet orange and grapefruit

First up, the Ahhh Sweet Grapefruit and Orange Solid Moisturiser. This solid moisturiser is actually the equivalent to two 250ml Body Lotions! So, if you are on the hunt for compostable and eco-alternatives for your essentials, making the switch to this sweet, citrusy and natural moisturiser is a change your skin, nose and planet will thank you for! Made with natural, simple ingredients and added vitamin C and E for anti-aging benefits. To use, simply push up the inner tube with your thumb and glide the product along the skin to deeply hydrate and leave your skin smelling delicious for hours.


Next, the Aotearoad Pina Colada and Zinc Lip Balm. Apply and reminisce as this lip balm smells exactly like that gorgeous tropical cocktail you enjoyed on that beach holiday a few years ago - while keeping your lips soft, supple and protected from harsh wind or sun. Made with Aroha (Love) and only natural goodness, in a completely compostable tube. What more could you ask for??


Also included is the rich and highly nourishing In Bloom Amber Fig Hand Cream from Linden Leaves. Soothe and restore cracked, red and dry hands with this indulgent fig and amber scented cream, with base notes of black pepper and spice. This unique fragrance smells so luxurious on the skin, and the oil-free formula makes sure your hands are instantly moisturised without any greasy residue. Keep in your purse to keep you nourished on the go!


 This is a product we couldn’t wait to introduce, because what says ‘Winter Nourishment' more than freshly baked bread?? Absolutely nothing (In our opinion anyway!). So, this month we are including a delicious Flour & Dough Beer Bread! Receive either 'Oregano, garlic, sage & rosemary', or, 'Chilli, cheese and garlic'. To use, simply add a beer or cider, some cheese and your pre-mix to a bowl, stir, pop in the oven and you will have yourself a freshly baked loaf in just 40 minutes! As I baked this bread for photos, I found myself having to use every ounce of self control not to tuck in… these breads are so full of flavour and only need a bit (or a lot) of butter to be the ultimate no fuss savoury treat, or a perfect accompaniment for hot soup.


Next up is the Lemon & Beaker Microcurrent Galvanic Sheet Mask. This is no ordinary sheet mask - the advanced semi-gel sheet is designed with functional prints to ensure that the botanical essence and vegan ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin and provide an instant glow. Enriched with natural extracts, oils, and a combination of 8 hyaluronic acids with ceramides to brighten and intensely hydrate the skin - keep this luxurious treatment aside for a special occasion or an epic pamper.


Last but not least, the Rata & Co Lemon & Botanical Extracts Hand Wash. Over winter we wash our hands much more frequently to avoid catching colds, and since most hand wash is full of harsh chemicals, we find our hands are left dry and irritated. This Hand wash is made without any parabens or nasty chemicals, so you and the whole family can wash liberally while also keeping the skin nourished. This zesty hand wash also smells so refreshing, and the citrus is a perfect scent to have in the kitchen to remove odours from cooking.


With some of our subscribers favourite NZ brands, and each product focused on total nourishment inside and out, this box will be a welcome delivery at the end of the month. 

If you aren't subscribed yet, we are offering a FREE GIFT to all new subscribers, no promocode needed! All you need to do is sign up for a minimum 3 month subscription before the 20th of August 2021 and we will add a FREE LINDEN LEAVES ELIXIR WORTH $40 to your first box. So use the link here, to receive all this months goodies and the FREE GIFT for just $38.95 plus shipping, or, add on two pairs of our super comfy underwear for just $10 more by clicking the link here.

This months undies are these gorgeous white, baby blue and gold pattern, with a stretchy and breathable fabric to keep you super comfortable all day long. 


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