Apple Cider Vinegar and it's benefits!

Apple Cider Vinegar and it's benefits!

Apple Cider Vinegar = ACV

Apple cider. Yum. Vinegar. Not so much. Add them all together and you seem to have a drink/accompaniment to food/health tonic all in one bottle.

Did you know there are half a dozen benefits to having a little ACV in your diet each day?? Consuming some ACV before a meal helps your body to absorb all the nutrients that your meal has supplied your body with. Aside from giving your taste buds a good zing it also helps aid digestion and is full of Vitamin C, Iron and for you pregnant mamas out there a small amount of Folic Acid (any amount is a good amount, right?).

What are the other benefits of using ACV?

 - Balance the bodies alkalinity and acidity levels (Disease breeds in an acid environment which is why an alkaline body is healthier)

- To boost the bodies immunity and create a healthy gut environment.

- Taking ACV daily as a health tonic will help your overall health as it encourages a good immune system.

- A dash of ACV in your pets water can keep worms at bay!

- Use to treat spots/blemishes

- Diluted ACV is great to spray in your hair after washing as it keeps it lustrous and gives it great shine!

How can you incorporate these digestive benefits in your day-to-day without drinking it as a tonic you ask? Add ACV to your food for a bit of zing or extra flavour! It goes great on salads (more on that later) you can also incorporate it into sauces and marinades, especially when serving pork, and even add a dash to smoothies for a delicious awakening.

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