All you need is Pink Himalayan Salts

All you need is Pink Himalayan Salts

In MyTreat boxes this month you will find some gorgeous Pink Himalayan Salts by our friends Skye Body and Candle Care. Don’t have a bath in your home? Well we have another couple of ways to use these little gems without needing a bath. How good!

Like the bag suggests, you can also use these salts as a foot soak for your hard working tootsies. It’s in the middle of winter and if you are anything like me (who is practically bare foot all summer) your feet hate being cooped up in shoes. Let them stretch and relax out in a Salts foot soak. How Lush! Fill a foot bath or even a bowl with water as warm or hot as you can take. Sprinkle as much as you want into the bowl (a level capful is recommended) to allow your feet to detoxify and so you can smell the beautiful aromas that is the Skye Body and Candle salts. Maybe add some rose petals if you are feeling extra fancy.

A face steam is always a great way to detoxify your skin and to relax you into your weekend or evening. Again fill a bowl, this time with hot water and sprinkle in your salts. Now, it’s time to go old school! Grab a towel and place it over your head making sure the bowl is covered at the same time.  Breath In the beautiful aromas and allow the salts and steam to cleanse your face. For as long or as little as you like. Your skin will be rejuvenated!

Of course, like the name suggests, these salts are fabulous for a bath soak to detoxify your body and leave you feeling fresh and relaxed. Fill a bath and lock yourself away in the bathroom. No children, your drink of choice, a book or iPad and float away in the beautiful aromas and relaxing scents that is the Skye body and candle Pink Himalayan Salts. They are all natural, handmade and not tested on animals!

All boxes this month have a beautiful bag of salts. Indulge ladies!

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