EEEEEEK! It's Zeke! Amazing Skincare coming your way!

EEEEEEK! It's Zeke! Amazing Skincare coming your way!

The Zeke Hydration Mist is going to be a favourite. It is so versatile and for all skin types you will find a use for this one, some of our favourite ways to use a Hydration Mist are....

1. To tone your skin after cleansing

Face mists are newer on the scene than toners, but they are increasingly popular for their hydrating, calming, and skin-prepping qualities. Apply after cleansing your face for a hit of freshness and as a final touch to your morning skin routine. 

2. To set and give your makeup a dewy complexion 

A good face mist can do so much for your makeup and skin. It "sets" your makeup and makes it long-lasting, and can even hydrate your skin and protect it from drying out. Apply after your makeup application for a dewy glow! 

3. To help hydrate the skin after a busy day

Hydrating your face is just like hydrating your body: Your body needs hydration to look and feel its best — and, no matter your skin type, so does your face. A spritz at the end of the day can really help put the nourishment and moisture back into your face. 

4. To pack your skin with vitamins and minerals such as Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Citrus extract. 

Aloe is an adventure must have and will help heal and repair skin after exposure to the elements. As well as Aloe, Zeke also contains Cucumber which is a natural way to help stop break outs. The Citrus Extract is a lovely little add on that will boost your mood due to the beautiful scents, and will help stop irritation to your skin.  

5. For a bit of an added bonus its oil and soap free so it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and fresh. Perfect use for anytime of the day


    For just $20 more, our Body Box Luxe subscribers receive everything from the standard August Adventure Box and Plus, apart from the Lanocreme Manuka Honey Day Cream Tube, which we have substituted with this epic daily moisturiser from Zeke Skincare! So as well as the Hydration Mist, subscribers will receive their super nourishing moisturiser that is pure luxury on your skin. 


    Zeke Skin Care - Daily Moisturiser

    RRP $59.99

    This generously sized tub (Yes, Tub, its definitely bang for your buck) of moisturiser from Zeke Skincare will help add a bit of luxury to your every day, while providing the skin with a coat of cooling, refreshing hydration - like a morning coffee for your skin. All luxe box subscribers this August will receive this divine moisturiser, to pair with the Zeke Hydration Mist to deeply nourish the skin and rejuvenate the skin before spring. Retailing for a $59.99, this moisturiser was carefully curated by Zeke Skincare with high-quality, NZ ingredients to treat your skin to the very best - at home or while you are away.

    Zeke Skin Care Hydration Mist

    Extra sunshine, chlorine, saltwater or heated cars can make those trips on holiday a bit of a nightmare for you skin. Having a refreshing spritzer like this one will help rejuvenate, hydrate and freshen the skin, to make it look like you spent 3 hours in a spa, rather than a hot car! Tuck in your to-go bag, the glove box, or even your purse to freshenyour makeup or give your bare skin a dewy glow. WARNING - You will likely fall in love with this mist and it won't make it to your to-go bag!!!


    A mist or toner is essential to your skincare cabinet to help balance the PH of the skin and provide nutrients. Think of it as a vitamin-boosting barrier for your skin! These also help brighten your complexion, and provide instant nourishment and refreshment to the skin, allowing for better absorption of skincare ingredients. In Winter we all need an extra layer of protection and hydration, so keeping a mist on hand is always a good idea.


    Crafted in New Zealand with top-tier ingredients; essential Vitamins, Aloe Vera, cooling cucumber, and citrus extract to provide hydration, antioxidant protection, and invigorating vitamins and nutrients to the skin. Plus, this mist is free from parabens and harsh chemicals and is vegan and cruelty-free.

    Cucumber Extract

    Cucumber leaves skin feeling nourished and soothed. With infused vitamin C, antioxidants, and caffeic acid, cucumber seamlessly rejuvenates the complexion. (oh la la)

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera contains essential antioxidants and rich vitamins, which provide healing and restoration for dry and/or broken skin. Additionally, aloe vera works without clogging pores or leaving a greasy coating. (Brill!)

    Citrus Extract

    Citrus extract is a proven anti-aging ingredient, citrus harnesses the power of vitamin C to immediately brighten and tone skin while tightening pores and increasing natural glow. (Fab!!)

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