Nudi Point.... remember that name! Recently doubling in size, this 2 person brother and sister team are taking on the New Zealand beauty industry with their innovative packaging choices, natural ingredients, therapeutic grade essential oils, and quirky product names. Nudi Point is producing all natural skincare and body products with a difference. You're about to see them pop up all over New Zealand and with a goal to increase their in store presence by more than 200% this year there is no doubt these natural remedies are going to become more and more popular with organic product lovers everywhere.

We see a lot of brands across our desk but as soon as we received our Nudi Point testers and opened them up, we knew this one was different. Everything from the rich natural scents, the packaging and the awesome product names, sets Nudi Point aside! These are the types of products you can become hooked on (like the 'Nailed It' cuticle butter... am I right ladies?). With conscious consumers putting more emphasis on eco-friendly, and sustainable brands that are committed to a better beauty industry, Nudi Point is going to grow fast! Why? Its simple really, the products actually work, and unlike some skincare companies which focus purely on your cosmetic appearance, these amazing products are designed with your health, body and spirit in mind. Made with love, everything from hair products and body bars, to massage oils, whipped body butters and even teeth whitening and remineralising powder, which we couldn't resist getting for our June MyTreat boxes.

Nudi Point was created by Blair Coates nearly 6 years ago. A frequent user of hair styling products, Blair started to take more and more notice of what was included in everything he used, such as harmful chemicals and parabens. With a certificate in Aromatherapy and an excellent understanding of natural products he began investigating options from his home in the Takahe Valley and came up with the Whipped into Shape" Hair Pomade which is still one of their best sellers today. Everyone knows its hard to take a brand to market with just one hero product, so with his eye on all things practical, Blair developed a line of useful products that would do more than the average skincare company. With a passion for consistency and quality, all the ingredients are sourced with care, and the home-made nature of this brand means everything is 100% perfect before it leaves the Nudi Point HQ.

Every now and then we find a brand that we are a little bit extra excited to be working with and we look forward to introducing more Nudi Point treats to you over the rest of 2018... if you want to choose your own Nudi Point product you can do that with your Mother Earth May box voucher, or get their Black to White teeth whitening and remineralising powder in your June MyTreat box. ​

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