All about Hayley...

All about Hayley...

A journey that started 7 years ago, Hayley Benseman has built a beautiful brand focused on organic and natural ingredients, hand crafted products made with love. There is nothing in her range she wont use on herself, or her family’s skin, and nothing she isn't proud to put my name to. Hayley has proven herself wrong, despite a lack of confidence "my lack of qualifications, lack of self esteem in the beginning or belief in myself" she has done it and we are so thrilled to share more about Hayley Benseman the brand, her story, as well as her luxury lip balm inside January boxes. 

Organic, natural & 100% plant based skincare, thoughtfully created with a focus on our bodies and our planet, and made by hand with love. Hayley Benseman is a natural skincare company. What does this mean? Every single ingredient in every single product is derived from nature and chosen for it’s unique properties including healing ability, scent, texture and impact on the environment. All products are sourced locally within NZ wherever possible to support the local economy. All products are chosen with knowledge of the way they are harvested, packaged and distributed. All the ingredients Hayley sources are ethically obtained with a focus on environmental impact.

Why should it matter what I put on my skin?
Your skin is the largest organ of your body and a window to your bloodstream. Scientific research shows what you put on your skin will likely also be absorbed into your system. Would you want something plastic or harmful to be floating around in there?

Using high quality organic unrefined virgin oils, this beautifully smooth all natural lip balm will leave your lips shiny and delicious. In keeping with her earth friendly approach to creating an effective skincare range, Hayley has a strong focus on packaging and like glass, aluminum cans are completely recyclable. Aluminum cans can be recycled repeatedly with no limit! So this is the reason why she choses to go aluminium over plastic - we are all winning! And they look fabulous.

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Body Boxes: $38.95 per month 

Body & Underwear Boxes: $48.95 per month 

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