All about April

All about April

This box has been a long time in the making. We were on the hunt for the perfect mix of products to compliment each other, and brands that embodied the ethos that natural is better. Natural skincare is a term thrown around a lot, but these treats are genuinely natural and well suited to all skin types. They are from New Zealand brands, passionate about ethically produced, high quality body and beauty products. 

We are aware that April boxes will be delivered in the weeks leading up to Mothers Day. Each month we send boxes on the 25th, and given that is ANZAC day in April, and the few days before is Easter, boxes will arrive around the 1st of May, so we are going to make these boxes extra EXTRA special. 

Mothers Day is important for so many of our customers, from being busy mothers themselves, to being daughters, and some on the challenging journey to motherhood, we know the women receiving our April boxes will deserve some really special pampering. We want to deliver a combination of surprises and sought after treats you will be counting down to receive, and maybe even an exciting product or two beautiful enough to be a gift in their own right. 

Beauty Berry Magnesium Oil for the relief of sore muscles and joints. Magnesium is notoriously expensive, because in its natural form, Magnesium is a mineral found in the earth, sea, plants, animals and humans. It has the ability to help with the proper growth and maintenance of bones, plus it can help you sleep, and is an essential part of the contraction and relaxation of muscles.

Linden Leaves are back at it again, producing high quality natural skincare New Zealand can be proud of. We are thrilled to include this Rescue Eye Serum (RRP $49.95) inside April Boxes with organic white tea for its anti-oxidant properties, rose to tone and nourish, and grapeseed oil to balance and hydrate the delicate contour area. An instant rescue for stressed or tired eyes with a soothing roller ball to revive. With naturally active ingredients to protect and minimise the visible signs of ageing. 

The Bees Brilliance Foaming Facial Cleanser is made in Nelson from natural Manuka Honey to revive your skin without stripping it of its natural protective layer. The consistency is ideal for removing makeup and cleansing dirt and oil from your pores, to leave your skin feeling clean, clear, fresh and balanced. Retailing for $37.99, this is a high quality product we are so excited for you to try.

Weekly Pay is now open for April boxes. Don't miss this beautiful collection of natural products to indulge your whole body. For a little surprise, and a lot of natural skincare products, this box is a real treat. Each month we are focused on brightening up the mail boxes of women around New Zealand, and look forward to delivering this Mothers Day inspired subscription box.

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