Eco-friendly July

6 Simple, Eco-Friendly Beauty Essentials Swaps

This month is all about making small changes to the things we buy to reduce as much plastic as possible, and if we do have to buy plastic, finding creative ways to re-use it or recycle. Are you taking the challenge? Businesses across the country are swapping to plastic-free sustainable packaging, and focusing on finding ethically sourced and sustainable materials. It is so crucial to take these smalls steps, not only for our health but our planet!
Scientists estimate 8 million metric tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year – that’s one garbage truck worth of plastic being tipped into the ocean every minute.
I know this seems too daunting to make a viable difference, but remember;
"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly." - Anne Marie Banneau

6 Simple, Eco-Friendly Beauty Essentials Swaps


1. The miabelle NZ Shampoo & Conditioner bars.
These two salon-quality bars are absolutely incredible, we know without a doubt you will be converted once you've tried! Not only do they smell wonderful, but they also last up to four times longer than regular plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. The shampoo lathers wonderfully, and leaves hair clean without drying it out, which if you've tried a shampoo bar before this can be difficult to achieve! The conditioner bar is super nourishing, rub right on the locks for smooth, shiny hair. 
2. Swap out your body wash and hand soaps for the lovely Ahhh Cosmetics bar soaps and scrubs, they will not only make your hands smell incredible but also your whole bathroom.
3. Swap your plastic Loofah for the natural plant Loofah sponge by Nudi Point! They scrub just as well if not better, allowing you to get a deep exfoliation without the plastic. 
4. Make the change from plastic toothbrushes to bamboo, as bamboo helps cut down on de-forestation, and are more sustainable and harvestable than oak. The handles of these brushes are also compatible, simply remove the bristles and chuck in the compost. Grab our four-pack on our site for the whole family, their teeth and our planet will thank you for it.
MyTreat Bamboo Toothbrush
5. Another Eco-friendly beauty essential swap is changing from harmful makeup wipes to the incredible Nudi Point Konjac Sponge! A Nudi Point Konjac Sponge will cleanse your face like nothing you have ever experienced, leaving the face fresh, glowing and silky smooth and without needing a single drop of product. Nudi Point Konjac sponges are natural, made from plant fibre of Korean plant roots and scientifically proven to improve skin. These eco-friendly exfoliation tools are perfect at naturally deep cleansing and removing makeup. 
nudi point konjac sponge lavendar
6. The miabelle Facial Cleansing Bar, plastic-free and zero-waste face cleanser made with natural pink clay, minerals and oils to refresh your skin without any nasties! These cleansers come in bar form and smell like divine! Ditch the plastic cleanser tubes and harsh chemicals and make the swap to these today.

How we have adapted for the month

Other than swapping our beauty essentials, we have changed our packaging to be more eco-friendly, changing from plastic peanuts to wood wool, and recently using a standard, brown eco box that is completely compostable! We even opted for the option for sealed edges, as customers have told us that products can sometimes shift whilst on the move and the boxes previously weren't sturdy enough.

 eco-july subscription box

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Take the plunge and join us in the plastic-free challenge!

Let us know what eco-friendly beauty essential swaps you have made this month and any tips we can share with the rest of our MyTreat customers!


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