5 Reasons to love gold toning mist

5 Reasons to love gold toning mist

Inside each October Glow Box is a FREE Linden Leaves gift... a luxury Gold Toning Face & Body Mist. If you're wondering what it does, or why you need it in your life, find out the top 5 reasons we love it.

A toner is typically designed to finish off the cleansing process in your skin. Think of it as the rinse cycle on your washing machine. It properly removes any residual face wash or cleanser, makeup or dirt from your skin, and refines your pores.

  1. If you wear make up, a toner is a life saver; and if you are always on the go, this Gold Toning Face & Body Mist is the perfect spritz to your face or body to restore hydration and give your face and body a little touch of true luxury.
  2. Why do you want your pores to be refined? It reduces the absorbtion of impurities from our everyday environment and prevents our skin from losing moisture. This Linden Leaves toner has witch-hazel which is an astringent and will help shrink your pores, soothe your skin and reduce inflammation. Its an all natural option to give your skin a healthy glow and after using it for a few weeks you will see a noticeable difference to your skin, giving you a bright and beautiful complexion.
  3. The Gold range was one of the classic Linden Leaves products and was revived and brought back into season during their 20th anniversary celebrations. The team at Linden Leaves took inspiration from the gold leaf, and based it on the era of Cleopatra who used to bathe in gold and was the original goddess of beautiful, healthy skin. These ancient goddesses and roman wisdom, helped to create a collection of gold leaf products that feature powerful ancient grains. Red rice, and amaranth are particularly special ingredients known for their ability to condition the skin.
  4. Also included inside this 'wonder mist' are the extracts from avocado oil, and chamomile flower which softens the skin and leaves it nourished. We love this product not only becaue of its powerful toning properties, and all natural ingredients and extracts, but because it was created with the busy woman in mind.
  5. It serves as a practical and easy to apply toner for your face and body, but can also be applied over the top of makeup or when you are flying, travelling or on the go, to give your skin a boost. It is light, alcohol free and highly conditioning so this October treat will leave your skin feeling fresh and beautiful.

Get your FREE Linden Leaves Gold Toning Face & Body Mist with your October Glow Box. Order yours .

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