5 Hairstyles Sure To Turn Heads In 2024

5 Hairstyles Sure To Turn Heads In 2024

Get ahead of the curve with the hottest hair trends turning heads in 2024! While the year has just begun, these trends are poised to take centre stage, giving you plenty of inspiration for your next style overhaul.

1. Chunky Crops

In the realm of summer hair trends, embracing volume reigns supreme, especially for those diving into shorter styles, where 'chunky' is the buzzword. However, it's essential to note that chunky cropped haircuts may sometimes appear bulkier due to their blunt cut style. To keep this style sleek and fresh, regular trims are essential for maintenance and maintaining its distinctive allure


2. Jellyfish Cut

A dramatic yet trending cut inspired by the ocean's creatures, featuring bold, contrasting layers and curled ends for a striking resemblance to a jellyfish's shape.


3. Curtain Bangs

A style we're not leaving in 2023 is curtain bangs. These face-framing layers stop at the cheekbones, giving the face a halo effect. They're also the perfect addition to blowouts because they emphasize the volume and curls. What's not to love?


4. Shaggy Pixie

If you already love short hair, take it to the next level with a shaggy pixie cut. As opposed to a traditional pixie cut, the layers of this style are a little longer and less uniform so that you have a little more length and volume to work with when you style it. It has a fun, playful vibe that works with many trending aesthetics, so you can still have plenty of possibilities at your fingertips.

5. Soft Waves

Whether inspired by the mermaidcore aesthetic, coastal cowgirl, or heatless hair routines, soft wavy hair is gaining popularity. You can get the look yourself by using a wave wand, opting for some spray, or taking the most minimalistic approach and braiding your hair before bed.


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