2019 here we come...

2019 here we come...

We are back and working through the inbox as we speak. I hope all our wonderful customers (and their friends who received one off boxes for Christmas) had a great festive season. Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported MyTreat throughout 2018, we are excited about the treats still to come and look forward to a fun year ahead. 

Whether you worked, holiday'd, or had a combination of both, there is no doubt we all head into the new year feeling a little jaded. Yesterday when I opened my laptop after my first proper break in over a year, it was not long before I started to feel my MyTreat motivation returning. This year is all about more great relationships with suppliers, great products for our boxes, and consistent and responsive service for our customers. I am very excited about what we can offer both brands that work with us, and our loyal customer base. This year we want to increase our presence through more exciting photos and video content, and more brand partnerships.  

Last year we introduced bigger boxes, our own brand of underwear and more value loaded boxes than ever before. We did also increase our prices by $4 per month in November, this enables us to have more room to play with box budgets, and to ensure each item inside really does WOW you. The biggest challenge of 2018 was working out the right way to manage a real life grown up business. I learned how to create the best possible team, manage the balance of energy working within our office, and ensure the resources were evenly contributed to each aspect of running MyTreat. While the marketing was never a problem, I have very little experience in HR, admin and other skills essential for successfully running a small business so the learning curve was a big one. 

While we are aiming to keep the team small and efficient, in 2019 we are going bigger than ever before. While we do have a few exciting announcements to be revealed very soon, one of the most exciting projects of this year is one that I have been dreaming of since launching MyTreat. With marketing in my blood and a passion for all things promotion, we are launching the MyTreat Marketing Group. This will focus on allowing our suppliers to increase sales, while subsidising the growth of our own marketing team for the further benefit of our suppliers, and our customers. 

If you know someone who has a business, and who would love to increase their online revenue, let them know to get in touch. I am currently hunting for a handful of businesses who are a good fit with our brand to launch the concept with. We look forward to a very busy and exciting 2019 for both MyTreat and the MyTreat Marketing Group. 

To request an information pack please contact: Rosie@mytreat.co.nz

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