10 things you will love about November treats

Our November delivery is going to be one of our biggest value boxes yet... and quite literally the largest box we have ever sent. We've gone plus size and we are filling it up with skincare and treats you will love. Here are the top 10 things we love about this box... 

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  1. Cheers to Wooing Tree 
    Bottoms up... we know there are a fair few women out there who love a great glass of wine, and a few who even prefer a Central Otago drop. In November we have teamed up with Wooing Tree to offer our customers an exclusive opportunity to enjoy this high quality New Zealand vino.  
  2. Biggest Box of Beauty Treats Around
    Since launching MyTreat, our boxes have continued to improve month after month. The value of the body box when it launched was only $15 more than the actual cost to our customers. Now we guarantee to send at least $99 value in each body box alone and as we continue to smash targets (over $130 worth of body treats in this November box) we have worked out we do need a larger box to get these treats to you safely. 
  3. We All Love a Good Surprise
    We are going to deliver some surprises in November! After testing out our Single Womans Box, with surprise treats inside, we have worked out that it adds to the thrill of receiving your box if your monthly delivery includes a few exciting (and unexpected) extras. There will be a few hints throughout the month, and if you keep a close eye on our Facebook and Instagram you might be able to get a few more clues, but just so you know we have been working hard to curate the most exciting New Zealand made November box EVER, here are a few of the treats you fill find inside. 
  4. You're Welcome... hot tips all round 
    We get it, you want to be eco-friendly, you actually really love the idea of having and using more environmentally sustainable products, but you are flat out, on a budget and don't always know where to start looking. The products inside this New Zealand made November box are the perfect introduction to more sustainable beauty treats and these brands exemplify the best way to consume. We have put together products that compliment each other, and the time of year and hope that each and every treat will provide many moments of pampering for the lucky recipients. 
  5. Natural Mood Enhancement 
    If you are one of those people who breeze into the silly season with full blown excitement and a whole bunch of super organised lists then bloody good on you... if you are like the rest of us however, the lead up to Christmas can be daunting. Not just the presents to buy and the families to mingle, but the whole prospect of that rush to the end of the year can feel overwhelming. The Absolute Essential Oil Stress Less Blend is a certified organic essential oil blend that will not only help you stress less, but uplift and invigorate your energy levels. Absolute Essential have ticked all the boxes when it comes to certification and organic harvesting and manufacturing, you can rest assured that you are using the best quality there is. This particular blend is an effective recipe for those wanting natural support in times of stress or pressure.
  6. Try Something New - Mirumiru shampoo & conditioner bars
    If you have been wanting to try bottle free haircare, this NZ brand is walking the walk. Not only with their natural products, effective shampoo, and hydrating conditioner bars, but their packaging, their process, and their growth as a company is all organic. Mirumiru have developed a high-quality shampoo that works in all humidity levels, to leave your hair healthy and soft, and the conditioner is just as good! People are raving about these products and after testing them out we can definitely say one of the best features, is their solid construction and blend of ingredients that mean they are a non-messy alternative to some of the softer shampoo bars currently available.
  7. Plastic Free Delivery 
    I have been in denial. Partially because I have been finding it a real challenge to achieve the plastic free transition for MyTreat, (for both cost and logistics reasons) but now we have made the switch I am so happy we stuck at it. There is no way I can take all the credit for this change, Chloe took the bull by the horns and helped find a company that would help us realise the plastic free vision and seeing 1600 boxes head out the door with no plastic satchels filled my heart with joy knowing we knocked that one off the list for 2018. 
  8. 100% New Zealand Made 
    Our boxes have had loads of amazing products from great NZ brands over the last 2 years but we are thrilled to offer this collection of NZ companies who are committed to better, more sustainable skincare, in one BIG box. These New Zealand made treats include plant extracts collected all over New Zealand, and even right here in Central Otago.
  9. Christmas Shopping Made Easy
    Just in case you need a top up of skincare or New Zealand made treats, or if you would like to do some online Christmas shopping for your loved ones, we are including some vouchers for great New Zealand skincare companies so you can save on amazing products and still make sure you give a gift that leaves the lucky recipient feeling treated.   
  10. Bottomless Body Lotion - By Nature
    Well OK, its not quite bottomless but it is 500ml which is HUGE and will last all summer to leave your skin feeling smooth. Your goal, by the end of summer, is to have lavished this amazing New Zealand natural body lotion all over your skin. This will help you maintain hydration levels to your body over the hotter months, keep that sun kissed glow for as long as possible, prevent dry, scaly skin, and leave your skin feeling healthy. This HUGE 500ml bottle is enough to last you for ages, and we know the scent is so sweet, and the application so light, that you will be hooked on By Nature Body Lotion. 

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  • Hi I have a subscription for the underwear and body box. Which box is the one that has the shampoo bars and body moisturizer etc


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