You may have seen ByNature around. They seem like a relatively new player on the beauty scene because EVERYONE has just started talking about them, but we have done some digging and found all the goss on this exciting New Zealand brand dominating the international market for New Zealand skincare for more than 30 years. 

  1. Born and bred New Zealand baby… with a background in skincare and a set of values that represents the New Zealand mind-set (quality for a good price), By Nature are well equipped to take on the skincare world by delivering effective products to their customers. By Nature’s parent company Lanocorp has been around since the 1980’s as one of New Zealand’s leading producers of Lanolin skincare, Lanocreme.
  2. All things skincare, their range just keeps growing. The demand to produce a full range of skincare essentials has seen the line grow in recent years and By Nature are busy manufacturing over 3,000,000 units every year. 
  3. In 2011 Lanocorp realised the efforts they put in to making their New Zealand natural products for tourists and visitors, would also be loved by the domestic market. Their in-house team of development chemists set to work establishing formulations that would offer high quality, natural products.  
  4. New Zealand loves them but so does the USA, exporting this exclusive New Zealand range offshore is a big part of their business. New Zealand is well represented in the States thanks to these natural lotions and luxury oils from ByNature. There is so much about this range to love, it’s easy to understand why Americans are enjoying these great Kiwi products. 
  5. Most skincare brands use a production house, this means your lotions are often made in the same factory as 10 other brands. Because of the size of By Nature, and their history with the Lanocreme brand (which is still going strong by the way) they can justify making their products in house which significantly reduces the costs to customers. It also means their creative team can maintain control over all the products which they source themselves to guarantee quality. 
  6. There is nothing more inspiring than a New Zealand company success story and after being in the skincare business for over 30 years these guys have created quite the niche for themselves. Last year the business ownership structure for By Nature changed with Trilogy Group, a brand synonymous with luxury and excellence, purchased a large portion of the business. 
  7. More great products. By Nature has teamed up with MyTreat in April to offer all customers a full size collagen enriched coconut oil face serum, insused with Rosehip Oil, Green Tea extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil. 
  8. By Nature is not just about facial care – they also produce haircare, essential oils, bath salts and a full range of bath and body products – plus great face masks.
  9. A testament to By Nature’s quality and success, their products are sold in the worlds largest retailer in the USA – Walmart, where their products are sold in more than 3,000 stores!
  10. By Nature do everything themselves. They have their own product designers, a team of chemists and also produce everything in house. Last year they opened a brand new state of the art production facility which is approx. 3,500m2 of factory on a 8,000m2 site in Rolleston, just on the outskirts of Christchurch.

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