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Thi box has high quality NZ products all packed into our large box and can be shipped free of charge anywhere in NZ.  Not Christmas themed so you can put  away for that someone specials birthday or add a Christmas card for the festive season. The products in this box are valued at over $250 so get in quick as these are the last 30 because we only have 30 of 3 of these items left in stock. FREE SHIPPING

Beauty Tofu Collagen Induction Wand (RRP $69.99) We are all born with a beautiful natural glow, but as our skin ages we start to lose our natural glow. Beauty Tofu collagen wand will help to repair and restore uneven skin tone, bumps, wrinkles, enlarged pores, scars and even stretchmarks. 

The mini pin pricks open up your skin’s pores, stimulating the lower layers of the skin which will in turn regenerate your collagen production. This wand works magic to assist in new collagen production creating a complete cellular regeneration! 

Arture Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Cream (RRP $124.95) This smoothing Microdermabrasion cream removes dead skin cells while the vitamins and botanicals nourish and replenish the brand new skin underneath. Your skin will be left feeling baby soft and rejuvenated indeed! An amazing treatment for uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, pores and spots. The best part, it is completely natural, and ground crystals are used to gently resurface your skin, made in New Zealand this product is quickly becoming more popular as one of the most effective at home microdermabrasion treatments available on the market.

Linden Leaves Balancing Toner (RRP $34.99) A light and refreshing facial mist, rich in botanical extracts to help hydrate and restore skin vitality. In a handy, go-anywhere bottle, this product can be spritzed on at anytime to instantly revive skin. Enhanced with natural witch hazel and chamomile, this toner is formulated to soothe, nourish and tone the skin.

Koa Organics Magnisium body butter (RRP $24.99) This botanically inspired body butter that is 100% natural, organic and vegan-friendly too. Magnesium chloride applied topically is fast acting and effective for regulating hormones, relieving muscle tension and better sleep. This silky butter soothes muscles, restless legs, body aches and pains whilst also nourishing the skin.Perfect for using after exercise to assist with cramps and sciatica, neck and shoulders to relieve muscle tension, and to help relieve headaches.

Nudi Point Konjac sponge (RRP $22.00)  Just apply water to a Konjac Sponge to cleanse like nothing you have ever experienced, leaving the face fresh, glowing and silky smooth. Nudi Point Konjac sponges are 100% natural, made from plant fiber of Korean plant roots. These eco-friendly exfoliation tools are perfect at naturally deep cleansing and removing makeup. They have been used for over 1,500 years in Asia as an eco-friendly beauty treatment for sensitive skin

Gorgeous George Sparkle & Shine Masks (RRP $4.99) are made with pink clay to help remove impurities from your skin. Packaged in it's bright colours, funky patterns and pop art, this mask is New Zealand made, cruelty free and made with natural ingredients. The natural clays and activated rosehip oil in this mask will draw out all that trapped dirt and oil to leave you with instantly fresher skin. Pop the mask on, put busy feet up, and enjoy an indulgent moment over the festive season. 

NZ Honey Traders, un-pasteurised honey (RRP $5) produced by happy, healthy bees, foraging in some of the most beautiful and untouched natural environments in the world. Enjoy this New Zealand honey on porridge, in tea, to enhance cooking and baking, to accompany a favourite cheese, or simply by the spoonful. Raw honey should also be considered a bio-active living food. Not only does it provide the body with instant and sustained energy, it supports gut-friendly bacteria and healthy digestion. Honey boosts the immune system and has an antibacterial effect, helping the body to heal when both ingested and also used topically.