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The Ultimate Face Mask Treat Box

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This special delivery has got your complexion sorted, and your skin feeling good but more than all of that, this box takes us back to our roots with a whole lot of self-care in one exciting delivery. While face masks may be the norm, the ones inside this pamper pack are designed to give you 15 minutes of peace and quiet. 

  • Bar of Hope Shower Bombs (RRP $8)
  • Firelight 15 hourParaffin Candle (x2) (RRP $6)
  • Rata & Co Manuka Honey & Collagen Sheet Mask (RRP $3)
  • ByNature Purifying Charcoal + Manuka Honey Sheet Face Mask (RRP $3)
  • Sugar Scrub Cube (RRP $8.99)
  • Coconut Ice (RRP $6.50)
  • Microcurrent Galvanic Sheet Mask (RRP $25)

Bar of Hope Shower Bomb Duo
These adorable wee bombs will make your next shower oh-so luxurious and will turn your showers into a spa-like aromatherapy experience! A beautiful aromatherapy experience in a heart-shaped bomb. Receive two incredible scents - 'Wakey, wakey!' which is an energising lemongrass explosion, and 'Sweet Dreams' for soothing lavender goodness. Pop one of these Shower bombs on the shower floor and allow the aroma of pure essential oils mingle with the shower steam - then breathe deep and enjoy.

Firelight 15 hour Paraffin Candle (x2) 
Deliver some mood lighting to your next spa session, or as the perfect wax free option for your oil burner. These 15 hour paraffin candles from Firelight can fit in any place you would slot a tealight, so find your favourite candle holders and set your scene. What makes these so special is they don’t have any scent (perfect if you want to surround yourself in candlelight!), don’t cause smoke, and don’t leave any wax mess if you move them.

Rata & Co Manuka Honey & Collagen Sheet Mask 
Wanting a pamper me moment? Do you have a quiet space you like to curl up in and relax? Why not add a Manuka Honey and Collagen Sheet Mask to your quiet time? Your face will definitely appreciate it! 

ByNature Purifying Charcoal + Manuka Honey Sheet Face Mask 
Nourish and hydrate skin with this gentle yet effective mask combining naturally replenishing New Zealand Manuka Honey to hydrate and replenish tight & parched skin. 20G

Anihana Sugar Scrub Cube 
Jump in the bath, pop a face mask on and exfoliate your skin, the ultimate winter indulgence! Cleanse and exfoliate your whole body and improve your shower experience with these natural NZ made treats. The sweet scents are a touch of sweetness to your routine, and the sugar will gently polish your skin, while the coconut oil will leave it soft and nourished! 

Fudge Cottage Coconut Ice 
Ready for a walk down memory lane? Are you going to let your tastebuds tingle while you remember sneaking into your Grandmas fridge for one more piece of her homemade coconut ice?  Fudge Cottage Coconut Ice contains no dairy or gluten products making it a special treat for those with specific allergies.

Microcurrent Galvanic Sheet Mask
This is no ordinary sheet mask - the advanced semi-gel sheet is designed with functional prints to ensure that the botanical essence and vegan ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin and provide an instant glow. Enriched with natural extracts, oils, and a combination of 8 hyaluronic acids with ceramides to brighten and intensely hydrate the skin - keep this luxurious treatment aside for a special occasion or an epic pamper.