Pure Luxury Gift Box
Pure Luxury Gift Box
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Pure Luxury Gift Box

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This box uses the power of plant extracts to improve and nourish skin and is especially well suited to skin for 39 years plus. Once the aging process kicks in, one of the best treats for skin is naturally extracted antioxidants, so every product inside this box is a pamper treat secretly discussing some highly effective body and skincare products and at well over 50% off retail value you can give an awesome gift at the best value you can get! 

What's In The Box

Arture Youth Preserve Serum with 2.5% Retinol RRP $69.99

This gorgeous night serum is made with high-quality specially formulated ingredients to preserve youth. The main featured ingredient is retinol, a high concentration of vitamin A, scientifically proven to reduce the signs of aging. Working on a cellular level, retinol changes the way skin cells act, by encouraging collagen production, collecting less pigmentation, conserving moisture and reducing wrinkles. Also made with sunflower seed oil, rosemary leaf and rose essential oil to tighten, detox, hydrate and protect from radical damage. This incredible serum will quickly become a skincare essential in your beauty cabinet! Use before bed, before your normal moisturiser so the serum can get to work overnight.

By Nature Hydro Firm Lace Collagen Shot Sheet Mask $4.50

This Collagen Shot, Hydro Firm, ByNature Lace Face Mask is a wonderfully luxurious addition to your next pamper, with active ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and CO-Enzyme Q10 for a boost of nourishment and moisture. With a lace sheet, you will feel like a princess as you soak in this youth-boosting mask. 

Skye Candle & Body Care Microfibre Puff Poofs 2 pack $19.99

These soft, deep cleansing microfibre puffs from Skye Candle & Body Care
are the perfect alternative to the harmful single-use cotton pads for removing makeup and cleansing! These wonderful poofs work like magic, as the microfibre material is able to lift away impurities from the skin without the need for a cleanser or harsh scrubbing. These wipes are machine washable, perfect for every day, whilst on a getaway, or for those nights where you are just too tired to do your full skincare routine. (We've all been there!)

GoodyBye OUCH Sun Balm RRP $18.99

A high-performance sunscreen, certified natural, with SPF 50. This balm is the perfect purse or pocket size for on the go coverage, (that despite its size goes a really long way!) that is highly water-resistant to keep you protected in the water and prevent it running in your eyes. Made with an anti-oxidant rich formula that smells gently of peppermint, cocoa butter and coconut oils, which melts into the skin effortlessly. 

By Nature Purifying Facial Cleanser $12.99

Loaded with New Zealand Organic Rosehip and Hyaluronic Acid, this cleanser will help purify and hydrate the skin naturally. If you are looking for a great all-around facial cleanser to wake skin up in the morning and wash off the dirt and build-up from a busy day at night, you will love this generous-sized By Nature product. 

Linden Leaves In Love Again Body Oil RRP $29.99

Ideal for daily use after bathing or showering in place of a lotion, this luxurious body oil is formulated with natural and organic ingredients to provide intense skin moisturisation. Organic rosehip and avocado oils are blended with pure sweet almond and apricot kernel oils to keep skin soft and nourished. This beautiful natural oil contains real tamarillo and strawberry.

Don't forget our boxes are sent without order details so be sure to add a note for the mum in your life. 


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