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The Comfort Box

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A box of pure comfort. Have someone in your life who has just had a baby, is ill, having a hard time, heavily pregnant or maybe yourself - this box is comfort for the body, mind and soul. 

For those days when you're cranky, exhausted, sore and in need of PEACE, these treats are here and ready for you to close the door and enjoy some comfort...

  • Fudge Cottage Coconut Ice

  • Lemon and Beaker Microcurrent Galvanic Sheet Mask

  • Linden Leaves Clementine and Basil Lotion 

  • Hansen Apparel Watermelon Soap
  • Himalayan salt bath/Foot soak
  • By Nature Hydro Jelly Sleep Mask

Hansen Apparel Watermelon Soap RRP $8.99

Add a little whimsy to your receiver's daily routine - this shimmery, Hello Kitty shade soap with a sweet watermelon fragrance SO good, it's guaranteed to lift anyone's mood! 

By Nature Hydro Jelly Sleep Mask RRP $12.99

This product was one of the most highly requested and well-loved products we have EVER featured because it's that good. This jelly is so cooling and soothing, and is a treat that someone who never has time for themselves will fly through because it requires literally no effort - just smear on, and fall asleep. Simple as that! Perfect for a new mum who is just too exhausted to have a facial. 

Lemon and Beaker Microcurrent Galvanic Sheet Mask RRP $25

While your receiver soaks away their woes in the tub, this mask (and a glass of wine) is certain to make it the most epic pamper experience ever. Pumped with Hyaluronic Acids - which are the super hydrators of the skincare world - this advanced mask feels beautiful to apply and instantly restores tired, dull and dry skin. 

Linden Leaves Clementine and Basil Lotion RRP $25

Sweetly scented, highly nourishing and in a generously sized tub, this lotion feels like a pamper experience with every use. There is something so comforting about putting on lotion before bed after a long day, it's a small task for yourself that makes a big difference. 

Fudge Cottage Coconut Ice RRP $6

Super sweet, coconutty and with a flaky, irresistible texture - this treat can be savoured and enjoyed for at least a few minutes!


Himalayan salt bath/Foot soak RRP $19.90

Himalayan Pink Salt contains benefits not just for the skin but also for the body and mind. The bath salt soothes and cleanses the skin thoroughly, removes excess oil from the surface and helps to refresh and brighten the skin. Sprinkle as much as you like into a warm bath. We recommend a level cap full to detoxify your body and release the beautiful fragrance.