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Teen Luxe

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The perfect gift for any teen who appreciates high quality, sustainable skin and body care. The perfect gift to help them start a natural and soothing skincare regime that is kind to skin that may be prone to oiliness and acne. Complete with a luxurious Cream Clay Cleanser with natural exfoliant and a Konjac sponge to suck the impurities from their skin - especially good for areas like between the shoulders etc! Plus loads more...

Nudi Point Pinky Spear me a kiss Creamy Lip Butter (RRP $12) 
This decadent lip butter not only smells wonderful but nourishes and intensely hydrates lips naturally. Refreshing peppermint flavour and made with only the best ingredients in a compostable tube, this balm will quickly become a favourite.

Miabelle Facial Clay Cleanser (RRP $23)
Such an important part of any daily routine, removing the dust and cells that build up on skin throughout the day. When mixed with water this cleanser forms a creamy paste that once buffed into the skin will help naturally detox, brighten, draw out impurities and unclog your pores. This clay cleanser is luxury on the skin, leaving the face feeling fresh, tight and plump. 

Skye Candle & Body Care Konjac Sponge (RRP $19.90) DIFFERENT TO AS PICTURED 
This Konjac sponge is the ultimate eco-warriors bestie. Once combined with water, this sponge acts like a loofah, but the spongy texture provides a lovely exfoliation. Your lucky recipient will enjoy adding this to their routine to buff the skin and wash away makeup, built-up oil, sunblock and any other build up on the skin. And the best part - the sponge is 100% plant-derived.

Linden Leaves Vetiver and Violet Body Wash (RRP $24.90) 
Supply your recipient with fresh, soft, and hydrated skin over the holidays. With a gentle formula and beautiful fragrance, this wash will make jumping in the shower oh-so luxurious. This Vetiver & Violet fragrance has spiced, fresh scent for a touch of luxury in the shower and decadence on the skin.

Skye Candle & Body Care Mulberry Silk Scrunchie (RRP $14.90)
These scrunchies have been one of our most popular products, as they not only look adorable but also promote healthy, shiny hair. Typical hair ties can easily break hair, this mulberry silk Scrunchie is soft on the hair, while giving volume

Spot The Difference (RRP $19.99) 
Your teen WILL spot the difference after using this facial bar over a period of time. Designed especially to help with acne and problematic skin, harnessing the powers of six essential oils, Organic Rosehip Oil and Yellow Clay - they will love how their skin improves with the cleansing and healing properties of this completely luxurious natural product.