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A little school holiday fun, or an incentive to work hard for those final weeks of the school year... With exams, life, and school all contributing to the stress levels in young people these days, we know how important it is for our teens to feel confident. Clear, healthy skin starts with natural New Zealand products and each of these products have been chosen to deliver a gentle and refreshing skincare routine for all skin types. From tip to toes, this box has skincare to indulge in while knowing each product is made in NZ from sustainable ingredients that are great for skin and good for the planet. 

Our FAVOURITE treat inside this box? The Okana Skincare Mist Toner ($17.99).  A toner is so important for skin, especially anyone aged 15 - 21 because their pores are smaller and more refined. In order to penetrate the lower layers and help balance our natural oils, a skin toner should be used regularly. Traditionally, toners are almost a water like consistency, relying heavily on the right application to actively improve skin tone and reach all the right spots. This beautiful Okana toner is different! The spray on application makes it quick and easy to use and apply to the whole face. Okana is a brand most New Zealand teens will be familiar with, it is a great kiwi company that is committed to using only plant based ingredients for the highest effect possible, while ensuring sensitive and young skin is not compromised by harsh chemicals. This product is a great introduction to skin toner and perfectly compliments the other exciting products inside... including: a Facial cleanser from By Nature Skincare ($14.99), a Skye Candle and Body Care Aloe Face Mask ($14.90) to help lock in hydration without clogging pores, a beautiful day creme ($14.99) and a refreshing peppermint foot scrub ($9.99). 

A routine in a box, or just a practical top up and introduction to some of our favourite NZ brands. More than $60 worth of value and each product is tried and tested by our team to ensure genuine results. Treat your sweet teen to this exciting delivery and send them off into the final term feeling a little extra special.