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SPF Cream

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NZ sun rays are intense! make sure you have yourself covered in all seasons with this beautiful SPF cream. 

 We all know the effects the sun has on skin, and it is so important to protect our beautiful skin over summer. Even a small amount of protection is perfect for those times when you pop out to hang the washing, run errands or wear under makeup every day. Ensure protection and keep skin protected with the Goodness SPF moisturizer. Enjoy the nourishing properties of chia seed and avocado oils to leave the skin hydrated, glowing and smelling of subtle floral bilberry and hibiscus.

The Skin Cancer Foundation claims that applying an SPF factor of 15 reduces your chances of developing melanomas by 50%

- SPF Prevents early onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

- SPF 15 provides 15 times more protection than just your normal skin!

- SPF not only helps prevent hyperpigmentation and age spots, but there are also studies that show it could even help treat existing pigmentation.

- If you are using any skincare containing retinol, following up the next morning with SPF is essential!

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