Pamper & Bath Session Box

Pamper & Bath Session Box

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At amazing value, turn your bath night into a luxurious spa session any day of the week.

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Not just another box, this one is absolutely packed to the brim! The receiver won't quite know what to say when she receives this high-quality collection of tub treats from great NZ brands like Ahhh Cosmetics, So Salt & Oil and By Nature Skincare. Designed to pamper and indulge, each product has been tried and tested by our team, and offer results to leave skin nourished, and  

What's In The Box

Ahhh Cosmetics Bath Bombs (RRP $10.00ea)

Indulge yourself pre or post pamper session with the wonderful Rasberry Glitter and Peach Ahhh Cosmetics Bath Bombs. These beautiful natural products are the perfect accompaniment to your tub, nourishing skin and revitalizing the soul with the therapeutic quality or coconut oils, fragrances and glitter or rose petals.

SO Salt & Oil bath Salts (RRP $14.00ea)

Nourish your skin and warm your soul with the beautiful SO Salts. Made with only high-quality essential oils and natural pink Himalayan salts, soak away the day and feel revitalised whenever you need it. We have included two types in your spa session box; So Luxurious - infused with essential oils of patchouli, sandalwood, and ginger and the So Uplifting - with essential oils of clary sage and bergamot. So whether you prefer to soak in a little luxury, or need an uplifting spa session, we have you covered.

By Nature Hydro Jelly Face Mask (RRP $18.00)

The cooling and replenishing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Glycerin in this wonderful jelly mask will leave your face feeling hydrated and luscious, so you can seize the day ahead in confidence. This mask works best if left overnight, apply at the end of your spa session and then rinse off once you wake up for best results.

At amazing value, turn your bath night into a luxurious spa session any day of the week. 

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