Sirius skincare coffee and kola-nut facial scrub

Sirius skincare coffee and kola-nut facial scrub

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Oh wow, this generous size delightful scrub is the perfect base to prep your skin for the ultimate glow. Filled with ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, acne reducing and amazing for dark under-eye circle reduction! 

The natural powers of cane sugar and coffee are beautiful exfoliators, removing dry flakey skin and brightening the fresh skin. Kola-nut will help cleanse, tighten pores and dry out oil while the antioxidant-rich coconut oil will help to slow the aging process, improve skin elasticity and increase collagen production. 

Use this scrub 2-3 times a week for luscious and smooth skin and we recommend to use in the shower so you can have a real good scrub without the mess. 

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