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Sensori Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Facial Cleansing Oil 185ml

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Revitalise your skincare routine with Sensori+'s Detoxifying & Rejuvenating Cleansing Oil – an essential addition you won't want to miss. Discover the exceptional benefits of oil-based cleansers through our cutting-edge formula, designed to effortlessly remove makeup, impurities, and excess oils from your skin, delivering a detoxifying effect that surpasses traditional water-based cleansers.

This cleansing oil delicately lifts away impurities and airborne pollutants, leaving your skin feeling supple and invigorated. Featuring ChlorosPURE®, an exclusive detox technology, this product effectively purifies by banishing over 100 types of pollution particles from your skin's surface, unveiling a revitalised complexion.

At the heart of this powerhouse product are:

  • ChlorosPURE® - SENSORI+'s exclusive detoxifying technology that effectively eliminates 100+ types of pollution particles from the skin surface
  • Avocado Oil - is rich in nourishing vitamin E
  • Oil-soluble Vitamin C - which brightens to fight against dullness